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Operational Reports      

We have provided this Operational Reports page as a feature so that individuals may gain access to the most current situation report, morning reports and monthly incident summaries.
Daily Incident Reports are posted everyday, Monday thru Friday, by 11:00 a.m. ET for the convenience of visitors to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency website. Below you will be able to review the last thirty days of morning reports that have been posted.     
20171115 Daily Report.pdf20171115 Daily Report
20171114 Daily Report.pdf20171114 Daily Report
20171113 Daily Report.pdf20171113 Daily Report
20171112 Daily Report.pdf20171112 Daily Report
20171111 Daily Report.pdf20171111 Daily Report
20171110 Daily Report.pdf20171110 Daily Report
20171109 Daily Report.pdf20171109 Daily Report
20171108 Daily Report.pdf20171108 Daily Report
20171107 Daily Report.pdf20171107 Daily Report
20171106 Daily Report.pdf20171106 Daily Report
20171105 Daily Report.pdf20171105 Daily Report
20171104 Daily Report.pdf20171104 Daily Report
20171103 Daily Report.pdf20171103 Daily Report
20171102 Daily Report.pdf20171102 Daily Report
20171101 Daily Report.pdf20171101 Daily Report
20171031 Daily Report.pdf20171031 Daily Report
20171030 Daily Report.pdf20171030 Daily Report
20171029 Daily Report.pdf20171029 Daily Report
20171028 Daily Report.pdf20171028 Daily Report
20171027 Daily Report.pdf20171027 Daily Report
20171026 Daily Report.pdf20171026 Daily Report
20171025 Daily Report.pdf20171025 Daily Report
20171024 Daily Report.pdf20171024 Daily Report
20171023 Daily Report.pdf20171023 Daily Report
20171022 Daily Report.pdf20171022 Daily Report
20171021 Daily Report.pdf20171021 Daily Report
20171020 Daily Report.pdf20171020 Daily Report
20171019 Daily Report.pdf20171019 Daily Report
20171018 Daily Report.pdf20171018 Daily Report
20171017 Daily Report.pdf20171017 Daily Report