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​Pennsylvania's Aerial Imagery Program

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Aerial Imagery Program is to produce a new statewide digital orthoimagery base map for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Once the initial updated imagery is acquired for the entire state, it is anticipated that the entire state will be flown on a rotating 2- to 4-year cycle, with one-third of the counties included in each cycle. The imagery includes:

  • Data collection
  • Processing
  • Quality assurance/quality control

Details about Coverage and Imagery

The imagery is 4-band (R,G,B,NIR) orthoimagery, accurate to 2.45 feet for a 1” = 100’ scale with a 15-cm (6-inch) ground pixel resolution.

  • Resolution: 6-inch ground pixel resolution
  • Film Type(s): 4-Band (Red, Green, Blue and Near Infrared)
  • Projection: Pennsylvania Coordinate System, North or South Zones, NAD83(2011), Epoch 2010.00; Vertical Datum: NAVD88, GEOID 12b
  • Accuracy: + 2.5 ft horizontally at 6 inch resolution
  • Extent of Coverage: Statewide on a 2- to 4-year update schedule.  After the first year, the commonwealth was divided into three sectors: western, central, and eastern. The divisions are not equal in size, but rather, they follow the Regional Task Forces and their associated counties.
  • Sample:

Aerial Imagery Sample