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Pennsylvania Act 12 of 2015 (Act 12) amended the Public Safety Emergency Telephone Act by authorizing a 911 surcharge of $1.65 per month on each subscriber or consumer for each 911 communications service.

Effective August 1, 2015, all providers, including resellers, providing service as defined in Chapter 53, Emergency Telephone Service, of Title 35 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (Chapter 53) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required to assess and collect the surcharge monthly and forward the collection quarterly to the State.
Assessment and collection of the $1.65 uniform surcharge began with the first monthly billing cycle after the uniform surcharge’s August 1, 2015 effective date.
Each provider collecting the surcharge may retain an amount not to exceed 1% of the gross receipts of surcharges collected as reimbursement for its actual administrative costs.
Remittance Procedures:
1. Providers should complete and submit the “Uniform 911 Surcharge Remittance Report” to PEMA via email to   Please refer to the “Uniform 911 Remittance Procedures” for instructions on how to complete the report.
The “Uniform 911 Surcharge Remittance Report” is due not later than the 13th day of the month immediately following the quarterly remittance period in accordance with the following schedule:
​Remittance Due Date Remittance Period  ​ ​Report Due
April 15​ ​January, February, March ​April 13
July 15 ​ ​April, May, June ​July 13
​October 15​ ​July, August, September ​October 13
​January 15​ ​October, November, December ​January 13

2. Providers shall remit to the State the entire surcharge less the actual uncollectible and less the approved administrative fee on a quarterly basis.  The quarterly payment is due to the State within 15 days of the end of each calendar quarter.
    Quarterly payments are due according to the following schedule:
Payment Due Date​ Remittance Period​
April 15​ ​January, February, March
July 15 ​ ​April, May, June
October 15 ​ ​July, August, September
​January 15  ​October, November, December
Providers Remitting by ACH:
• The State has established a new bank account for the Uniform 911 surcharge. 
• Bank information used to remit wireless or VoIP funds prior to Act 12 should no longer be used.
• Please refer to the “Uniform 911 Surcharge Remittance Procedures” for instructions on how to obtain the new banking information.

Providers Remitting by Check:
• Please make your check payable to the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”
• Funds remitted by check shall indicate “911 Surcharges” and be mailed to: 
Comptroller Operations
Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 2833
Harrisburg, PA 17105