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Executive and Senior Staff

David (Randy) Padfield​Director
Jeffrey Thomas​Executive Deputy Director
Patrice Bratcher​Executive Secretary to the Director
Jonathan Anschutz​Director, Bureau of External Operations
​Steve Bekanich​Deputy Director for Recovery
​Nicole Bordonaro, Esq.​Chief Counsel
Jeff Boyle​Deputy Director for 911
​Molly Dougherty​External Affairs Director
​Kirsten Cohick​Director, Bureau of Planning, Training, and Exercise
​Dennis Edwards​Director, Bureau of Budget
​Christopher Evans​Director, Disaster Recovery Assistance
​Melissa Frey​Director of Innovation and Business Transformation
​Jeff Jumper​State Meteorologist
​Emina Kunovac​Director, Bureau of Grants Management
​Wes Majors​Legislative and Policy Director
​Joshua Maus​Deputy Chief Counsel
​Robert Meinert​Director, Internal Operations
​Ruth A. Miller​Communications Director
​David Nitsch​Director, Bureau of Technological Hazards
​Katie Schroeder​Digital Director
​Timothy Sevison​Deputy Director for Operations
L. Paul Vezzetti​Deputy Communications Director
​Paula Wilcox​Director of Administration