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Emergency Preparedness Guide

Educating Pennsylvania's families on how to best prepare for a natural disaster; large-scale emergency or unexpected attack means more than anything.  All Pennsylvanians need to know there are well-developed and well-rehearsed emergency response plans at all levels of government.  At the core of this effort is the important issue of citizen preparedness.  The Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide provides tips on how to respond to an emergency and will help you and your families prepare in case of disaster. 
While there is no way to predict what will happen, there are simple steps that you or your loved ones can take.  Protecting the life, health and safety of your loved ones and those around you, as well as knowing what to do when a disaster strikes is an important responsibility.  All Pennsylvanians should begin the process of learning about potential threats so that we are all better prepared to act when a disaster or crisis occurs.
With the Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide, we hope to provide you with a tool to do just that -- to be better prepared to respond to and cope with the aftermath of a disaster or crisis.  The Guide is available in several languages and  links to various versions are provided below.  Please take the time to read the version most suited for your needs and to be better prepared.

Note: The Emergency Preparedness Guide is available in Adobe PDF format which means you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader , version 4.0 or later, in order to view and print the report. Click here for instructions on obtaining the free Adobe Acrobat Reader .