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Radiation Emergency Response Fund

The grant application period is in January of each calendar year.


The Radiation Emergency Response Fund, supported by fees assessed to nuclear power plants, is designed to provide financial assistance to the 26 designated risk and support counties, municipalities, school districts, volunteer organizations and state agencies in order to carry out the purposes of the Radiation Emergency Response Program.

The Radiation Emergency Response Program provides for the development of a detailed fixed nuclear emergency response plan for areas surrounding each nuclear electrical generation facility, nuclear fabrication and away-from-reactor storage facility located in the commonwealth, the training and equipping of state and local emergency response personnel, the periodic exercise of the accident scenarios designated in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission emergency response plan applicable to each fixed nuclear facility, and the procurement of specialized supplies and equipment.

Are You Eligible?

Eligible entities are those 26 designated risk and support counties, municipalities, school districts, and volunteer organizations that are in the emergency planning zone of each of the Commonwealth’s nuclear power plant facilities.  Funding is also available to state agencies who support and have a role in the Radiation Emergency Response Program.

How Can Funds Be Used?

The funds are used for the development or continuation of capabilities to prepare for, mitigate, respond to or recover from radiological accidents or incidents at the Commonwealth’s nuclear power plants.  Funding is also used for training and the purchase of specialized radiological equipment and instrumentation.

How to Apply?

Applications should be submitted electronically in the electronic single application.

What to Expect after Applying

Award notification is provided to the local level from PEMA.