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Supplies, Services and Equipment (610-630)

  • Open 615-1.pdf 615.1 - Commonwealth Temporary Transportation Vehicles  02/27/2013
  • Open 615-15.pdf 615.15 - Vehicle Parking License Agreements  10/26/2006
  • Open 615.16.pdf 615.16 - Commonwealth Fleet Policy  11/10/2011
  • Open 620-1.pdf 620.1 - Coal Sampling and Reporting  10/04/2005
  • Open 625-1.pdf 625.1 - Repairs, Alterations, and Improvements to Commonwealth Buildings Under the Direct Supervision of the Department of General Services  10/04/2004
  • Open 625.2.pdf 625.2 - Inventory of Commonwealth Real Property  09/16/2008
  • Open 625-3.pdf 625.3 - Moving Employe Household Goods and Commonwealth Property  03/14/1996
  • Open 625-4.pdf 625.4 - Enforcement of Fire and Panic Regulations  03/27/1991
  • Open 625-5.pdf 625.5 - Reporting Surplus Real Property  05/06/1996
  • Open 625-6.pdf 625.6 - Leasehold Improvements  05/01/2009
  • Open 625-7.pdf 625.7 - Use of Form STD-291, Request for Lease Action and Budget Approval  11/06/1997
  • Open 625-8.pdf 625.8 - Contracting for Bargaining Unit Work  02/25/1994
  • Open 625-10.pdf 625.10 Amended - Card Reader and Emergency Response Access to Certain Capitol Complex Buildings and Other State Office Buildings  06/29/2012
  • Open 630-2.pdf 630.2 - Reporting of Employee Liability Claims  05/15/2013