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How to Pay

  • Flight arrangements made through the commonwealth’s contracted travel agent will be automatically billed to the traveler’s agency.  No other form of payment may be used for air travel.
  • Car rentals booked through the Department of General Services contracted rental car vendor will be directly billed to the traveler’s agency.  Car rentals booked in connection with a flight must be charged to the employee’s corporate travel card or a personal credit card.
  • Use your corporate travel card or personal funds to pay all other travel. Employees may request a corporate travel card by submitting a completed application and cardholder agreement to their corporate travel card coordinators
  • Request to use your agency's lodging card if you:
    • travel less than four times a year and don’t have a corporate travel card,
    • are not a commonwealth employee, or
    • are organizing lodging for a group of 10 or more.
  • Complete justification for expenses must be included with your travel expense report, which should be submitted within 60 days of your trip. You will be reimbursed for actual expenses up to the maximum as defined in the commonwealth's travel policy.