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The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Health have partnered with CentreLearn to facilitate Commonwealth-sponsored training for emergency response personnel throughout Pennsylvania. The PA Prepared Learning Management System is the web-based tool used for registering response personnel for online and resident training, tracking student progress, accepting student feedback, and providing the student with a certificate once the sponsored training has been successfully completed.

Note: Training that is offered through organizations, agencies, or governments that do not participate in the PA Prepared LMS is not maintained through this system.

If you already have a PA Prepared username and password, please click on the following link to login and access your account:

Centre Learn  

If you do not currently have an active PA Prepared username and password, you will need to register for an account. Please click on the profession that most accurately defines your role in the emergency response community. (Be advised it may take up to 5 days to receive your username and password. Each user must have a unique email address to register)

PA Prepared LMS Instructions

How to register for a resident course (a resident course is any course that is not completely conducted online):

1. Login to PA Prepared LMS.
2. From your homepage, click on Course Catalogue (in the bar on the left side of the screen).
3. Enter the search criteria if you wish, or simply select   for all courses currently offered.
4. Find the course you wish to participate in and click the   button.
5. Please ensure that you satisfy any position requirements, prerequisites, or other elements that may be needed.
6. Click on the   button at the bottom of the screen to enroll in the desired course.
7. Once a member of the PEMA Training Staff has recognized that you are eligible for this training you will receive an email from CentreLearn verifying your enrollment status. Notice: If there is a wait list, you will not be notified by CentreLearn.

How to complete the online survey for a completed course:

1. Login to PA Prepared LMS.
2. From your homepage, click on My Courses (in the bar on the left side of the screen).
3. In the main section of the page, you will see a heading titled My Current Courses. Under that heading, you will find the list of courses you are currently registered for. Select the course that has the survey you are trying to complete. (You may see other courses that you did not register for, these courses are online courses and you may choose to complete these courses at your leisure).
4. Select the Survey.
5. Complete the survey. Once you are finished, click  Failure to submit the survey will result in your survey not being saved and this will prevent you from successful completion of your training.
6. Once the survey is submitted, a member of the PEMA Training Staff will recognize that you have completed all required elements of the training and you will be granted access to print a certificate (PDF reader required).

How to print a certificate (you must have a PDF reader to view/print certificates):

1. Login to PA Prepared LMS.
2. From your homepage, click on My Certificates (in the bar on the left side of the screen).
3. Find the course that you desire to print the certificate for and click on .
4. View/print your certificate.