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The Office of the Budget has introduced an online service that will provide most vendors with an immediate status report on your invoice, with no need to pick up the telephone.

Our new Vendor Payment Inquiry* service allows you to easily view the status of an invoice submitted to the Commonwealthof Pennsylvaniafor payment.   (NOTE: If you do business with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), your payment information will not appear on this website.  Please check the PLCB website for payment information at and look under the section titled "For Industry Partners" for additional information and instructions.) To research your payment using our Vendor Payment Inquiry service, y ou will need to provide the following information:

Invoice Number (required) - Enter your company’s invoice number as printed on the invoice.

Invoice Date (required) - Enter the date of your invoice as printed on the invoice in the format MM/DD/YYYY.

Invoice Amount (required) - Enter the amount of your invoice in dollars and cents.

SAP Vendor Number (optional) - Enter your six-digit commonwealth-issued vendor number, if desired.    

After you have entered the required information listed above, select the Submit button.   You will receive one of the following responses:

Invoice Received - This means that your invoice has been received by the commonwealth and is ready for processing.

In Process - This means that your invoice has been received by the commonwealth and is currently being reviewed for payment.   This step must occur before the invoice is approved for payment.

Cleared for Payment - This means that your invoice has been approved by the Office of the Budget and has been presented for payment.   If your invoice remains in this status for more than two weeks, please see below under IF YOU STILL NEED HELP.

Paid by Treasury - This means that your invoice has been paid.   Specific payment details will be included such as payment date and payment method (check or Automated Clearing House).

The search criteria you entered did not result in any records found. Please email the Payable Services Call Center at with your invoice search requirements and your contact information for additional assistance. – You may receive this response for any number of reasons. Your invoice may not have been received by the commonwealth; you may have entered incorrect data in a required field of the Vendor Invoice Inquiry report; your invoice amount may have been adjusted due to a billing error; or there may be another issue with your invoice that is preventing us from processing. If you receive this message, please re-examine the data you entered and try your search again. If you receive this message a second time, please e-mail the Payable Services Call Center with the search criteria you entered.   

NOTE: If you receive an “Error when processing your request” response, please come back to this page, use the link above to access the service and reenter your search criteria. You will receive this message as a result of an extended period of inactivity with the service.    

*If you are a commonwealth employee and cannot access the Vendor Payment Inquiry service through the link above, select this link.    


If you have questions about our new invoice submission requirements, please take a moment to visit our Procurement Vendor Information page, or Non-Procurement Vendor Information page.

For any questions that cannot be answered by using the new Vendor Payment Inquiry service or visiting other sections of our Web site, please call our PayableServicesCallCenter. Our staff can assist you with a broad range of issues, such as obtaining and completing your W-9 form, stepping through the SRMregistration process, and enrolling in our program to receive payments electronically.

The call center is open from 8:00 4:30 p.m.weekdays (with the exception of state holidays):

Toll-free     877-HELP-363 (877-435-7363)

Local         717-346-2676

You may also receive assistance via e-mail at:  - Use this e-mail address for payment inquiries that cannot be addressed through the Vendor Invoice Inquiry service. - Use this e-mail address for requests related to W-9 forms, 1099 forms and other non-payment-related questions. - Use this e-mail address to submit scanned copies of CRP Clearance Certificates.  Please include your vendor name and SAP vendor number is the subject of the e-mail.

NOTE: Requests for information in accordance with the Right to Know Law (RTKL), must be submitted directly to .  Requests sent to any other email address listed on this website will not be considered an official RTKL request.