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Printable Materials


Download or print materials:

Emergency Preparedness Guide
        Includes supply kit checklists, emergency contact forms and other printable information.

Emergency Preparedness Brochure 
        A printable overview of emergency planning items.

Family Emergency Plan Template
      ( English | Spanish -currently not available)
        A template to help families start planning for emergencies, including how to contact one
        another and what to do during different emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness for Older Pennsylvanians Brochure 
      ( English | Spanish)
        Materials and information to help older Pennsylvanians get ready for emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness for Disabled Pennsylvanians Brochure
      ( English | Spanish)
        Materials and information to help people with special needs get ready for emergencies.

Special Populations Plan Template   
  A template to help older Pennsylvanians, those with special needs, and their caregivers
        start planning for emergencies.

Plan Flu Brochure    
   Information to help Pennsylvanians learn about flu pandemics and prepare for them.