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All-Hazard IMT Tiered Response

If a local incident expands beyond the capability or experience available, the local municipality should have the capability to establish a Local Incident Management Team (IMT) on-site. They can request an All-Hazard IMT regionally and/or through the State. A regional All-Hazard IMT may take 2-4 hours to deploy and arrive. The State All-Hazard IMT will take 12 – 18 hours to deploy and become operational. If the incident so warrants, and the State doesn't have a Type 2 or Type 1 IMT, the State can request, through FEMA, a National IMT. (These are expensive, and there has to be some type of mobilization order and payment agreement.) Depending on the national situation, the incident type and complexity, the incident location, and other incidents occurring in the United States, the National Interagency Fire Center may or may not deploy either a Type 1 or Type 2 IMT.

The PA All-Hazard Incident Management Team (PA-IMT)

The PA-IMT is a State Asset that consists of specially trained members who are employees of many Commonwealth agencies. All members are trained to a minimum level of incident management based upon national credentialing requirements for the positions they fill. Qualified PA-IMT members have completed their minimum training, plus Position Specific training and successfully finished their Position Task Book(s).

When the PA-IMT is deployed to an emergency, disaster, or planned event, the PA-IMT Incident Commander (IC) will meet with the local IC and the Agency Administrator (County Executive, City Manager or Mayor, etc.) upon arerival at the incident site. The purpose of this meeting is to determine what they desire/expect from the IMT, and to obtain any necessary delegation of authority. The incoming IC will then brief the rest of the incoming IMT about their role/expectations. The IMT will then integrate as requested into the current ICS structure in use at the incident.

The following timeline shows the typical timeframes for response and operations of the different types of IMTs.

IMT response timeline .jpg