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All-Hazards School Safety Planning Toolkit (Pdf)

The Pennsylvania "All Hazards" School Safety Planning Toolkit is designed to help school districts/schools in their efforts to plan for all types of disasters, natural and human-caused. Everyone from the state level of government to the school districts/schools and the community at large has a moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of our children in the event of a disaster.

The Safe Schools Planning Sub-Committee, of the Pennsylvania Safe Schools Advisory Committee, considers this Toolkit a "living document". New procedures for prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery become available on a regular basis. Therefore, these documents will be updated on an annual basis or after a significant event that impacts how school districts/schools in the commonwealth plan for the hazards that may affect their campuses.

PDF Documents 00010 Purpose and Guidance (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 00050 Cover and Spine (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 00100 Table of Contents.pdf
PDF Documents 00150 Foreword and Acknowledgements (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 01000 Chapter I - Introduction (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 01050 Introduction - Resource Section.pdf
PDF Documents 02000 Chapter II - Beginning the Planning Process (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 02050 Beginning the Planning Process - Resource Section.pdf
PDF Documents 02100 Sample School Safety Incident Collection Form.pdf
PDF Documents 02150 Sample School District Safety Committee Membership List.pdf
PDF Documents 02200 Sample School Building Safety Committee Membership List.pdf
PDF Documents 03000 Chapter III - Basic School District-School Plan Format.pdf
PDF Documents 03050 Basic School Plan Format - Resource Section.pdf
PDF Documents 04000 Chapter IV - Prevention & Mitigation.pdf
PDF Documents 04050 Prevention & Mitigation - Resource Section.pdf
PDF Documents 04100 Sample Risk and Hazard Vulnerability Assessment.pdf
PDF Documents 04150 Sample Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Team.pdf
PDF Documents 04200 Sample Classroom and Building Hazard Hunt.pdf
PDF Documents 04250 Sample School District-School Hazard Vulnerability Assessments Outcomes.pdf
PDF Documents 04300 Sample Threat Assessment Inquiry.pdf
PDF Documents 04350 Sample Insurance Review Checklist.pdf
PDF Documents 04400 Sample School District-School Compliance Checklist.pdf
PDF Documents 04450 Sample School District-School Climate Survey.pdf
PDF Documents 04500 Sample Tips for Parents-Guardians to Help Create Safe School Districts-Schools Sheet.pdf
PDF Documents 04610 ID Cards (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 04620 Chemical Safety and Prevention (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 04630 Fire Prevention (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 04660 Sample List of Visitors Policy Considerations (RN-9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 05000 Chapter V - Preparedness.pdf
PDF Documents 05050 Preparedness - Resource Section.pdf
PDF Documents 05070 Pre-Incident Collaboration (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 05075 22 PA-Code Education (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 05100 Law_Enforcement MOU June-2012 (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 05150 Sample Community Resource List.pdf
PDF Documents 05200 Sample School District-School Resource List.pdf
PDF Documents 05250 Sample School District-School Personnel List.pdf
PDF Documents 05300 Sample National Incident Management System Implementation Checklist.pdf
PDF Documents 05350 Sample School District-School Staff Skills Survey.pdf
PDF Documents 05400 Sample School District-School Incident Command Team Assignment List.pdf
PDF Documents 05450 Sample List of Visitors Policy Considerations.pdf
PDF Documents 05500 Sample Emergency Toolbox Inventory Sheet.pdf
PDF Documents 05550 Sample Go Kit List (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 05600 Sample Assembly Areas Worksheet.pdf
PDF Documents 05650 Sample All Hazards Planning for Students-Staff with Special Needs Questions.pdf
PDF Documents 05700 Sample School District-School Action Steps for Special Needs Planning.pdf
PDF Documents 05750 Sample List of Mandatory and Recommended Training for School District-School Personnel.pdf
PDF Documents 05800 Sample Disaster Lesson Plans and Curriculum.pdf
PDF Documents 05850 Sample Teen Community Emergency Response Team Training Agenda.pdf
PDF Documents 05900 Active Shooter Preparation (9-13).pdf
PDF Documents 06000 Chapter VI - Response.pdf