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Training and Exercise Calendars

Are you interested in learning when and where emergency management related training and exercises are available in the commonwealth?

See our upcoming training and exercises information below. 

Upcoming Training

To see what emergency management and related training courses are available, see the TRAIN PA calendar.

For training occurring at PEMA headquarters (Harrisburg, Dauphin County), view the PEMA Headquarters Training List (PDF).

Upcoming Exercises

These dates are being provided for visibility of upcoming trainings, exercises, and other events. All dates are subject to change and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

​Name of Event ​2020 ​2021
​Three Mile Island Exercise​N/A​April 27
​Limerick Generating Station Exercise​TBD​November 16
​Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Exercise​April 21​N/A
​Beaver Valley Power Station Exercise​June 9N/A
​Susquehanna Steam Electric Station Exercise​October 20​N/A
​All-Hazards Exercise​March 23-27​March 15-18
​Table Top Exercise​September 28-October 2​September 27-October 1
​Grants Workshop​March (specific date TBD)​March (specific date TBD)
​Training and Exercise Planning Workshop​December (specific date TBD)​December (specific date TBD)
​THIRA/SPR* Submission​December 31​December 31
​Central Area Office In Service Training 1​February 5-6​February 3-4
​Eastern Area Office In-Service Training 1​February 18-19​March 23-24
​Western Area Office In-Service Training 1​March 11-12​March 11-12
​Central Area Office In-Service Training 2​September 28-October 1​September 22-23
​Eastern Area Office In-Service Training 2​September 23-24​November 9-10
​Western Area Office In-Service Training 2​October 27-28​October 27-28