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Training Course Updates

PEMA provides public education, professional development training, and technical training to public safety volunteers from state government to local communities across the commonwealth.  As requirements and offerings change, you can find high priority updates we would like to share, below:

    • 09/14/2022:  The P-002: Duties & Responsibilities of the Emergency Management Coordinator self-study course is now available on TrainPA.  Students can search the course using Course ID: 1105660 or click here.
    • 08/3/2022: The G-290 course will be retired by FEMA in the Fall of 2022.  PEMA will continue to offer/accept the G-290 course until December 31, 2023 while L-105 instructors are trained for in-state deliveries, at which L-105 will be required in place of G-290.