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​Pennsylvania Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team

The Pennsylvania Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (PA-HART) is a joint partnership between the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), along with credentialed civilian rescue technicians.

This highly trained aerial search and rescue team provides an air asset for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the nation to respond to natural and manmade disasters. Team members receive technical training that prepares them to engage in hostile environmental conditions in both the urban and wilderness setting.

PA-HART Mission Request Form

PA-HART can respond at the request of a local emergency management coordinator.  The coordinator must contact the Commonwealth Watch and Warning Center (CWWC) at PEMA headquarters and must complete a mission request form.

If the mission request is valid, the strike team leader will request PEMA to provide a mission request number and forward the information to the Joint Force Emergency Operation Center (JEOC) or the State Army Aviation Officer (SAAO).

Providing as much information as possible on the PA-HART mission request form will better prepare the enroute resource to effect a safe and efficient rescue. At a minimum the Requesting Agency must provide an incident location and contact information.

Technicians Credentialing

All PA-HART technicians are Proboard Surface Water I and II certified and credentialed by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and PEMA.

The process is outlined in the PA-HART Standard Operational Guidelines and Training Manual. Documentation is maintained and signed off in the Helicopter Rescue Technician Position Task Book.

Team Member Evaluation

All team members must pass a physical fitness evaluation every two years.

Criteria and test scoring is found in the PA-HART Standard Operating Guidelines and Training Manual -- Section 2.4: Prerequisites and Testing.