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Requesting PA-IMT

The process for requesting a local, regional, or state incident management team (IMT) can be initiated by any of the following:

  • Local Incident Commander
  • County EMA Coordinator
  • Regional Task Force Chair
  • Multi-Agency Coordination Center
  • State Agency

Criteria for Requesting PA-IMT

  1. The incident or event must overwhelm the capability of the incident management staff
  2. The incident or event is expected to extend beyond 24 hours including response and recovery operations
  3. The incident or event involves multiple disciplines and multiple jurisdictions
  4. The number of responding single resources exceeds 100
  5. A planned event that requires the coordination of multiple agencies and organizations, and multiple jurisdictions are involved
  6. An event that poses unique or significant response challenges and/or special tactical operations

Procedure for Requesting the PA-IMT

  1. The local agency makes a request to the County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).
  2. The county EMA makes a request to the Region Task Force; or
  3. The county EMA makes a request to the Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC), if one is in operation; or
  4. The county EMA makes a request directly to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).
  5. The Regional Task Force or MACC may also make a request to the SEOC.
  6. The SEOC, PEMA director and the State Fire Commissioner will review the request with the PA-IMT leaders.
  7. The SEOC will notify the requesting entity if the request will be filled and advise them of the estimated time of arrival of the PA-IMT.

Activation and Deployment

The PA-IMT members are alerted and activated, reporting to the designated assembly point. The Team prepares their equipment for deployment. Once the Team receives a mission assignment and deployment orders, they will deploy to the requesting location. Upon arrival, The PA-IMT will report to the requesting agency and provide support to the response and recovery operations.

Local Logistical Needs for the PA-IMT

The PA-IMT will need space either indoors or outdoors to setup and be operational. The minimum indoor space needed for the full team is 1,800 sq.ft., for the IMT-Advance team (IMT-A) is 800, and for the Rapid Assessment Unit (RAU) is 400 sq.ft. The minimum outdoor space needed for the Full-tem is 7,500 sq.ft. (75’ X 100’), for the IMT-A is 2,500 sq.ft. (50’ X 50’), and for the RAU is 625 sq.ft. (25’ X 25’).

The PA-IMT will also need access to the local resource manual, the ICS-201 for the incident, an agency resource list, availability of lodging in the area, and local fuel (diesel) availability. The team leaders will also need to have their “briefing questionnaire” completed prior to the team’s arrival. The questionnaire will be provided on or before the team departs the assembly point.


The PA-IMT will be self-sustaining and will provide the following equipment and supplies for the operation: tables and chairs, office supplies and equipment, communications capability (satellite), electrical power, team member transportation, command trailers/tents, food and water (for three days), and a mobile dormitory (if needed).