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​2019 Nonprofit Security Grant Program Application

The application period for the FY2019 Nonprofit Security Grant Program CLOSED on May 6, 2019. All awardees will be notified by PEMA upon FEMA’s final award determinations. PEMA expects FEMA’s determinations to be passed through by early September 2019.

See below for application instructions and guidance related to the FY2019 NSGP.


2019 Early Submission Deadline: April 30, 3019
(PEMA will respond by May 3, 2019)
2019 Submission Deadline: May 6, 2019

New for 2019

Learn what's new this year with the Key Changes for 2019 Applications (PDF).


In fiscal year (FY) 2019, nonprofits are encouraged to apply for additional costs, including contracted security personnel as well as security-related training for: 

  • Employed or volunteer security staff to attend security-related training within the United States; 
  • Employed or volunteer security staff to attend security-related training within the United States with the intent of training other staff or members/congregants upon completing the training (i.e., “train-the-trainer” type courses); 
  • Employed or volunteer security staff or members/congregants to receive on-site security training. 

*Special Note*

If the cost category under “Contracted Security Personnel” exceeds 50 percent of the total requested funding, additional approvals will be required by federal partners.

2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity

2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) (PDF)

This document provides information and guidance on the program, award, eligibility, application, and award selection.

All eligible nonprofit organizations MUST apply through PEMA, Pennsylvania’s State Administrative Agency (SAA) for NSGP. The federal government accepts applications only from the SAA.

FEMA will verify that the nonprofit organization has been included in the correct program and may disqualify applications that are not included in the correct program. Please see the below list for your county’s designation.

NSGP-UA NSGP-S County Designation

County Designations Document (PDF)

Total Nationwide Funding Available

Nonprofit Security Grant Program - UASI (NSGP-UA) $50,000,000 

Total Pennsylvania Funding Available  

Nonprofit Security Grant Program - (NSGP-S) $250,000

Nonprofit Funding Limits

Eligible nonprofit organizations within NSGP-UA may apply for up to $100,000.00.

Eligible nonprofit organizations within NSGP-S may apply for up to $50,000.00.

Multiple locations: A single organization (entity) may only request a maximum of $100,000 across multiple locations, all the while remaining in compliance with the maximum allowable request of $50,000 for NSGP-S locations and $100,000 for NSGU-UA locations.

Grant Application Package

The 2019 grant application package must consist of the following three documents:

1. Investment Justification

2019 Investment Justification (IJ) (XLS)

Each subapplicant must develop a formal IJ that addresses each investment proposed for funding. The IJ must be uploaded into the Electronic Single Application (ESA).

Security enhancements must be for the locations that the nonprofit occupies at the time of application. The investments or projects described in the IJ must:

  • Address an identified risk, including threat and vulnerability, and build or sustain a core capability identified in the Goal;
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide enhancements consistent with the purpose of the program and guidance provided by FEMA (provided on page 9 (PDF) of the FFY 2019 NSGP NOFO);
  • Be both feasible and effective at reducing the risks for which the project was designed; 
  • Be able to be fully completed within the three-year period of performance; and
  • Be consistent with all applicable requirements outlined in the NOFO.

IJ Naming Convention

Applications must use the following file naming convention when submitting required documents for NSGP:

  • Use the following naming convention for NSGP-UA:  "FY_2019_NSGP_UA_<State Abbreviation>_<Urban Area>_<Nonprofit Name>”
    • Example: FY2019_NSGP_UA_MD_Baltimore_Mynonprofit 
  • Use the following naming convention for NSGP-S:  “FY2019_NSGP_S_<State Abbreviation>_<Nonprofit Name>”
    • Example: FY2019_NSGP_S_MD_Mynonprofit

2. Mission Statement

Each subapplicant must upload a mission statement into ESA.

The mission statement recognizes the impact an organization’s ideology, beliefs, or mission may have on their risk of potential terrorist threats. PEMA will use the mission statement to determine the organization type from these options:

  • Ideology-based/Spiritual/Religious
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Other

3. Vulnerability Assessment

Each subapplicant must upload a vulnerability assessment into ESA.

Free security assessments are provided by the Pennsylvania State Police Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Team (RVAT).

In some cases, local municipal, law enforcement or county emergency management personnel conduct vulnerability assessments for communities.

Check with respective entities in your area to confirm.

Additional Considerations

Allowable Costs

For information on allowable costs, see Appendix C – Funding Guidelines in the NOFO (PDF).

County Emergency Management Contact Name

The county emergency management contact name (PDF) is needed for proof of coordination with local emergency response. It may be included in IJ section “II. Background -- Describe any previous or existing role in responding to or recovering from terrorist attacks.”

Submitting Your Application

Your FY 2019 NSGP IJ, mission statement, and vulnerability assessment can be submitted through the Electronic Single Application (ESA).

Log-in instructions (PDF), application walkthrough instructions (PDF), and contact information are available to help you apply.