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Operational Reports      

PEMA provides operational reports, so that individuals may gain access to the most current situation report, morning reports, and monthly incident summaries.

Daily incident reports are posted every day, Monday through Friday, for the convenience of visitors to the PEMA website. Below you will be able to review the last 30 days of morning reports that have been posted.

20190820 Daily Report.pdf20190820 Daily ReportNew
20190819 Daily Report.pdf20190819 Daily Report
20190818 Daily Report.pdf20190818 Daily Report
20190817 Daily Report.pdf20190817 Daily Report
20190816 Daily Report.pdf20190816 Daily Report
20190815 Daily Report.pdf20190815 Daily Report
20190814 Daily Report.pdf20190814 Daily Report
20190813 Daily Report.pdf20190813 Daily Report
20190812 Daily Report.pdf20190812 Daily Report
20190811 Daily Report.pdf20190811 Daily Report
20190810 Daily Report.pdf20190810 Daily Report
20190809 Daily Report.pdf20190809 Daily Report
20190807 Daily Report.pdf20190807 Daily Report
20190806 Daily Report.pdf20190806 Daily Report
20190805 Daily Report.pdf20190805 Daily Report
20190804 Daily Report.pdf20190804 Daily Report
20190803 Daily Report.pdf20190803 Daily Report
20190802 Daily Report.pdf20190802 Daily Report
20190801 Daily Report.pdf20190801 Daily Report
20190731 Daily Report.pdf20190731 Daily Report
20190730 Daily Report.pdf20190730 Daily Report
20190729 Daily Report.pdf20190729 Daily Report
20190728 Daily Report.pdf20190728 Daily Report
20190727 Daily Report.pdf20190727 Daily Report
20190726 Daily Report.pdf20190726 Daily Report
20190725 Daily Report.pdf20190725 Daily Report
20190724 Daily Report.pdf20190724 Daily Report
20190723 Daily Report.pdf20190723 Daily Report
20190722 Daily Report.pdf20190722 Daily Report
20190721 Daily Report.pdf20190721 Daily Report