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Operational Reports      

PEMA provides operational reports, so that individuals may gain access to the most current situation report, morning reports, and monthly incident summaries.

Daily incident reports are posted every day, Monday through Friday, for the convenience of visitors to the PEMA website. Below you will be able to review the last 30 days of morning reports that have been posted.

20191210 Daily Report.pdf20191210 Daily ReportNew
20191209 Daily Report.pdf20191209 Daily ReportNew
20191208 Daily Report.pdf20191208 Daily Report
20191207 Daily Report.pdf20191207 Daily Report
20191206 Daily Report.pdf20191206 Daily Report
20191205 Daily Report.pdf20191205 Daily Report
20191204 Daily Report.pdf20191204 Daily Report
20191203 Daily Report.pdf20191203 Daily Report
20191202 Daily Report.pdf20191202 Daily Report
20191201 Daily Report.pdf20191201 Daily Report
20191130 Daily Report.pdf20191130 Daily Report
20191129 Daily Report.pdf20191129 Daily Report
20191128 Daily Report.pdf20191128 Daily Report
20191127 Daily Report.pdf20191127 Daily Report
20191126 Daily Report.pdf20191126 Daily Report
20191125 Daily Report.pdf20191125 Daily Report
20191124 Daily Report.pdf20191124 Daily Report
20191122 Daily Report.pdf20191122 Daily Report
20191121 Daily Report.pdf20191121 Daily Report
20191120 Daily Report.pdf20191120 Daily Report
20191119 Daily Report.pdf20191119 Daily Report
20191118 Daily Report.pdf20191118 Daily Report
20191117 Daily Report.pdf20191117 Daily Report
20191116 Daily Report.pdf20191116 Daily Report
20191115 Daily Report.pdf20191115 Daily Report
20191114 Daily Report.pdf20191114 Daily Report
20191113 Daily Report.pdf20191113 Daily Report
20191112 Daily Report.pdf20191112 Daily Report
20191110 Daily Report.pdf20191110 Daily Report
20191109 Daily Report.pdf20191109 Daily Report