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 PEMA 2015 EM Conference

 From PEMA Director Richard D. Flinn, JR.

 Dear Emergency Management Personnel:

I want to get this information to you so you can adjust your schedules for August.  As you know our collective teams have been planning an outstanding annual conference scheduled for August 24th-26th at the Seven Springs Conference Center.  Unfortunately, we must postpone this event. As you know, at the end of September one of the most significant events that the Commonwealth has ever experienced, will occur with the visit of the Holy Father to Philadelphia.  The Papal visit has been designated as an NSSE event.  Philadelphia, the surrounding counties, PEMA, FEMA and many other federal and state agencies have been conducting continuous planning for his visit that may bring up to 2-3 million visitors.  This event has and will continue to involve numerous meetings, training and exercises. As a result, staff has and will continue to focus on the critical mission to ensure that this historic event will be a safe and rewarding experience for everyone.  Due to the tremendous work and time that will be dedicated by staff and many of you, we simply cannot commit to also conducting a successful conference thirty days before the Pope’s arrival.


I recognize the tremendous time and effort that many of you have put into the conference including our valued partner KEMA and apologize for the inconvenience; however, it will not be wasted because we will plan the event for early next year using many of the training topics that have already been locked in.


The annual Hazardous Materials Technicians Conference will continue, since it does not involve as many of our staff, which is scheduled for August 27th-30th.


Again, I appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing many of you next week.





Richard D. Flinn, Jr. | Director

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

2605 Interstate Drive | Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone: 717.651.2007 | Fax: 717-651-2040