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Community and State Planning

All of us -- from individuals, to families, to businesses and institutions to governments -- must be responsible to protect the lives and property of those who depend on us from whatever emergencies may arise.

By their very nature, emergencies are chaotic. A planning process will reduce this chaos and ensure that we can provide that protection. This process should include examining what can happen, what resources can be available to help, how to react to the situation, and coordination with those individuals and organizations we will be depending on during the emergency.

Asking questions and conducting coordination during non-disaster time allows us to avoid conflicts or indecision when seconds count. Knowing what to expect of others, and how we will react ourselves, may make the difference between survival and becoming a victim of the emergency.

Listed below are a series of planning guides and sample plans developed by PEMA for use by organizations in the commonwealth. Advice and sample plans for individuals and families can be found by visiting

Additional Planning Resources