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County Emergency Plans

Each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties is required, in accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code or Title 35, Pa. C.S.A. Section 7503 (1), to prepare, maintain, and keep current an emergency operations plan for the prevention and minimization of injury and damage caused by disaster, prompt, and effective response to disaster and disaster emergency relief and recovery in consonance with the Commonwealth Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP).

Using the same format as the CEOP, county EOP are functional plans containing several hazard-specific annexes. These EOP define the organization, concept of operations and responsibilities of the departments and agencies of county governments and their municipalities in the prevention of, protections for, mitigation for, response to, and recovery from disasters.

PEMA provides direction and assistance for plan format and content via the Generic County EOP. New information or changes to current plans are distributed as amendments to the generic plan. The generic plan represents the minimum required policies and procedures. Counties are encouraged to tailor the information in the generic plan to meet their own unique requirements, e.g., additional appendices and county-specific data and procedures. PEMA Regions review the county plans to ensure two-year currency.

CEM Planner

CEM Planner is planning software utilizing a continual preparedness system designed to enhance planning and resource management capabilities. CEM Planner is a central access point for every stakeholder of a plan to view the most current and up-to-date plan for that entity. The program guides you through every step of the planning process. It is designed so that individual sections of your plan can be updated and approved, without the need for a complete plan revision.

Plans developed are then stored in a secured and centralized virtual library assuring every stakeholder is viewing the most up-to-date plan. CEM Planner is web-based allowing you to access your plans from virtually anywhere, adding to your continuity of operations program and the ability to operate from any location.