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Prison Planning Overview
Following investigation of the October 25 and 26, 1989 riots at SCI Camp Hill, the Adams Commission recommended that the State Police, Department of Corrections and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency should dedicate staff, formalize plans, conduct exercises, initiate mutual aid agreements and include municipal and county agencies in preparedness efforts to improve prison safety. A mutual policy statement defining the roles and missions of these three organizations established the framework necessary to develop prison support appendices to the Commonwealth, county and state correctional institution (SCI) emergency operations plans.
The prison support plans provide for logistics systems to satisfy the unmet needs, in necessary supplies, personnel and equipment so the SCI Superintendents are free, during major disturbances, to concentrate on containment and suppression.
The PEMA Regions, the host county coordinators and emergency response officials, state police, SCI officials and National Guard representatives, annually review, update and exercise the support plan at each State Correctional Institution.