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During the summer of 2018 TRAIN PA will be upgrading to TRAIN Version 3.
There are new and exciting changes to the TRAIN PA platform!  To help with the transition to the new TRAIN some videos have been created for you to learn the new system.  Please click on any of the links below to learn more:
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The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Health have partnered with the Public Health Foundation (PHF) to facilitate Commonwealth-sponsored training for emergency response personnel throughout Pennsylvania. The title of the PHF program is TRAIN PA and is a
web-based tool used for registering response personnel for online and resident training, tracking student progress, accepting student feedback, and providing the student with a certificate once the sponsored training has been successfully completed.
Note: Training that is offered through organizations, agencies, or governments that do not participate in theTRAIN PA LMS is not maintained through this system.
If you already have a PA Prepared username and password, please click on the following link to login and access your account:
Click here for instructions to find and register for a course in TRAIN PA.