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​Upcoming Training and Exercise Dates

These dates are being provided for visibility of upcoming trainings, exercises, and other events. All dates are subject to change and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Contact PEMA's Training and Exercise Division with any questions about these dates.

​Name of Event​2019​2020​2021
​Three Mile Island Exercise​May 7​N/A​April 27
​Limerick Generating Station Exercise​November 18​TBD​November 16
​Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station ExerciseN/A​April 21​N/A
​Beaver Valley Power Station Exercise​N/A​June 9N/A
​Susquehanna Steam Electric Station Exercise​N/A​October 20​N/A
​All-Hazards Exercise​March 25-29​March 23-27​March 15-18
​Table Top Exercise​October 7-11​September 28-October 2​September 27-October 1
​Grants Workshop​March 5-6​March (specific date TBD)​March (specific date TBD)
​Training and Exercise Planning WorkshopN/A​December (specific date TBD)​December (specific date TBD)
​THIRA/SPR* Submission​December 31​December 31​December 31
​Central Area Office In Service Training 1​February 6-7​February 5-6​February 3-4
​Eastern Area Office In-Service Training 1​March 20-21​February 18-19​March 23-24
​Western Area Office In-Service Training 1​February 26-27​March 11-12​March 11-12
​Central Area Office In-Service Training 2​September 18-19​September 28-October 1​September 22-23
​Eastern Area Office In-Service Training 2​October 29-30​September 23-24​November 9-10
​Western Area Office In-Service Training 2​October 23-24​October 27-28​October 27-28