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Category C - Road and Bridge

​Aggregate road surface washout ​Roadway surface washed out by floodwaters, includes fill, embankment, ditches.
​Gravel road embankment failure ​Disaster-caused embankment failure and loss of road material.
​Chip and seal failure ​Chip and seal oil surface was damaged by floodwaters.
​Bituminous surface and embankment failure ​Pavement has washed out and failed. Subgrade and ditches scoured.
​Road and culvert washout ​Flood damage to road surface, culvert and ditches.
​Concrete box culvert washout ​High velocity flow destroyed concrete box culvert.
​Stream crossing approach washout ​High water has washed out the approaches to a stream crossing including the loss of surface material and rip rap base and left mud and debris.
​Timber wing walls ​Bridge abutments were undermined and wing walls and existing rip rap washed out.
​Curb, gutter and sidewalk damage ​Curbs, gutters and sidewalks were damaged by uprooted trees and/or construction equipment.
​Bridge destroyed/damaged ​Floodwaters severely damaged/destroyed bridge.
​Soil road washout ​Roadway surface was washed out by flood waters.
​Road, shoulder, embankment failure ​Road, shoulder and embankment were damaged by floodwaters.