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Community Disaster Loan Program

At the request of the Commonwealth, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has initiated the Community Disaster Loan Program (CDL) for those local governments and governmental organizations (school districts, authorities, etc.) located in the declared disaster counties for Hurricane Irene (DR-PA 4025) and Tropical Storm Lee (DR-PA 4030).
• Private-Non-Profit organizations are not eligible for the CDL program.
• The CDL Program only provides operational funds to help local governments that have incurred a significant loss in revenue, due to a major disaster, that has or will adversely affect their ability to provide essential municipal services. Funds must be used to carry on existing local government functions of a municipal operation character, or expand such essential functions to meet disaster-related needs.
• The funds shall not be used to finance capital improvements nor to repair or restore damaged public facilities.
• They may not be used as the non-Federal share of any Federal program.
• The Applicant must have at least a 5% loss of revenue for the current or subsequent fiscal year.
• The maximum amount of the loan is; the lesser of, 25% of the operating budget for the current fiscal year; or the total estimated loss for the current year plus the subsequent three years; or 50% if the loss is at least 75% of the operating budget for the current year.
• The maximum amount of the loan is $5 million.
Additional information and criteria can be found in the FEMA disaster assistance fact sheet linked below:
Fact Sheet for CDL Program (pdf) The attached Notice of Interest must be returned to PEMA by February 15, 2012.
CDL Notice of Interest (pdf)
Once interested applicants are identified an applicant’s type briefing will be held to further explorer the program with the interested applicants. Please contact Chris Evans for any additional information.