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FEMA's Multi-Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Tool
HAZUS is a computer-based program that was developed for FEMA as a hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) tool for the natural disasters of flood, earthquake and hurricane. PEMA uses HAZUS primarily for flood analysis, Pennsylvania's most common and widespread natural hazard. You can download the GIS layers for damage costs and damaged homes from the HAZUS Statewide 100-Year Flood Study by clicking here.
A brief overview of how HAZUS sets up and performs a flood study and the results it generates can be viewed here in PDF format: HAZUS Overview.
HAZUS software is free to counties and communities interested in using it to develop their own HIRAs for local mitigation planning. As a computer-based program, there are a number of related software and technical requirements in order to run HAZUS. For those requirements and to order a copy of HAZUS see FEMA's HAZUS Webpage.
VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to read all the information on FEMA's webpage carefully for other software requirements to run HAZUS, software updates, patches and fixes, and ordering information and instructions. The latest HAZUS-MH (version MR-5) runs using the GIS program ArcGIS 9.3, so experience with that program is important. If you do not have ArcGIS, a free, 60-day trial may be ordered with the HAZUS software.
Training in HAZUS is available to local government through the Emergency Management Institute and PEMA provides technical assistance for using HAZUS at the local level.
For more information about HAZUS contact the State Hazard Mitigation staff at (717) 651-2142 or by using the HAZUS POC Email (