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Unified Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

HMA 2015 Pre-Applications Instructions Links for Sub Applicants (DOC)

00-HMGP: Letter of Intent Pre-Application Form (PDF)

01-HMGP: Enclosure List (DOC)

02-HMGP: Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Application Guide (DOC)

03-HMGP: Designation of an Agent (DOC)

04-HMGP: Local Compliance Review (DOC)

05-HMPG: Local Maintenance Compliance Letter (DOC)

06-HMGP: Grant Program Official Submission (PDF)

06a-HMGP: General Application Instructions (PDF)

07-HMGP: Voluntary Participation Agreement (DOC)

08-HMGP: Residential Damage Calculation Form (DOC)

09-HMGP: Hazardous Material Property Survey (DOC)

10-HMGP: Glossary (DOC)

11-HMGP: Special Attention Checklist (PDF)

12-HMGP: Addendum 1 -- Phased Structural Project (DOC)

13-HMGP: Addendum 2 -- Acquisition (DOC)

14-HMGP: Addendum 3 -- Elevation Projects (DOC)

15-HMGP: Addendum 4 -- Structural Projects (DOC)

16-HMGP: Addendum 5 -- Plans, Education, Equipment, and Other (DOC)

16-FEMA: Model Deed Restriction HMGP (PDF)

17-HMGP: Final BCA Spreadsheet Master

18-HMGP: Planning Application Document (DOC)

19: Non-Disaster Grants Letter of Interest Pre-Application Form (XLS)

20: Hazard Mitigation Assistance Unified Guidance (PDF)

21: Target Property Information and Photo Form (DOC)

22: Sample HUD Form (PDF)

23-PA Dept. of Rev: 183 Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value (PDF)

24: OMB Certification of Nationality Form (PDF)

FEMA HMGP Duplicate Benefits Explanation (DOC)

NFIP Increased Cost Compliance Step -- Assignment of Coverage (DOC)