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Pennsylvania Urban Search And Rescue System
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It is the mission of the Pennsylvania Urban Search & Rescue (PA-US&R) System to provide a coordinated effort of personnel and resources to locate, extricate and provide immediate medical treatment to victims trapped in collapsed structures, in water, in the wilderness, and in mines & tunnels.
To accomplish this mission, PA-US&R members will develop and deploy efficient and effective rescue technologies in a planned and measured response that mirrors the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s guidelines on Search and Rescue. PA-US&R capabilities will include rapid mobilization to assist in natural or manmade disasters.
Members of PA-US&R will conduct search and rescue operations in a professional, ethical, and compassionate manner that will protect the dignity of the victims and the communities served. Members of PA-US&R will develop and maintain the highest level of skills and capabilities required when deployed to natural or manmade disasters, including hurricanes, floods, conflagrations, explosions, earthquakes, or the use of weapons of mass destruction that result in events that are beyond the capability of local emergency service resources.
PA-US&R will accomplish these tasking’s by being;
  • Multi-Disciplined
  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Field Operation Sustainable
  • Knowledgeable in NIMS Incident Command Systems, Emergency Management, and Disaster Field Operations
  • Knowledgeable of Emergency Management
  • Knowledgeable of Disaster Field Operations
  • Knowledgeable of the Commonwealth process for emergency management 
  • Knowledgeable in intelligence collection and analysis distribution


The instate branch of the Pennsylvania Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) system is comprised of eight (8) Regional Elements that are operational and deployable modular assets under the state US&R as established by the Regional Task Forces and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.
The Regional Elements comprise over 220 dedicated and trained personnel statewide located within the Regional Task Forces and differ in size depending upon population, threat and available qualified personnel.


    • Pennsylvania Strike Team One (PA-ST1) - South West Region
    • Pennsylvania Company One (PA-CO1) – South Central Region
    • Pennsylvania Company Two (PA-CO2) – South East Region
    • Pennsylvania Company Three (PA-CO3) – North East Region
    • Pennsylvania Company Four (PA-CO4) – North West Region & North West Central Region
    • Pennsylvania Company Five (PA-CO5) – South Central Mountain Region
    • Pennsylvania Company Six (PA-CO6) – North Central Region
    • Pennsylvania Squad One (PA-SQ1) – East Central Region
If you have any questions about the PA-US&R system, please contact;
Randy Padfield, Director
Special Deployment and Response Office
PA Emergency Management Agency
2605 Interstate Drive  Harrisburg, PA 17110-9364
Phone: 717-651-2008