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E-mail list for information/discussion of ACS related topics 

This list will be used by PEMA to disseminate information regarding the PA ACS Program.  If you want to receive information on this program please sign up for this list.

Carmine W. Prestia, Jr., K3CWP and Pete Weiss have made the PA-ARES-RACES-L list available for use to disseminate information and discuss topics related to providing a communications vehicle  for interested amateur radio operators and others  involved in planning and coordinating backup, emergency, and  disaster communications through (ARES),  (RACES) and  PEMA (ACS).

To subscribe, send a one line body-of-text email (no Subject or signature required): 

To: LISTSERV@LISTS.PSU.EDU Place the following in the body of the email: "SUBSCRIBE PA-ARES-RACES-L firstname last name, call sign and/or ACS affiliation"    

After you have subscribed you can send a message to the list utilizing the following email address:



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