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Photo of american flags leaning on a wall
Shapiro Administration Makes Election Hotline Available to Support Pennsylvanians' Right to Peacefully, Safely Participate in Democratic Process

July 19, 2024
HARRISBURG —​ ​Governor Shapiro is working to ensure Pennsylvania's election process is safe and secure, and protecting Pennsylvanians' rights to express their political views peacefully. ​Read Mo​​​re >>
A home is surrounded by deep, brown flood water.
Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force Finalizes Report on Flood Insurance
July 1, 2024
HARRISBURG — The report is set to improve the affordability and accessibility of flood insurance, bolster resiliency, increase flood risk mitigation, and protect Pennsylvanians.  ​Read Mo​​​re >>

Cars parked along a street are submerged in deep flood water.
Shapiro Administration Reminds Low-Income Residents About Flooding Loans
June 21, 2024​
HARRISBURG — ​Financial help is available from the U.S. Small Business Administration for Pennsylvanians in six counties
who saw flood damage on April 11 and 12.  Read Mo​​​re​ >​>