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​Strategic Plan

PEMA's strategic plan (PDF) is a based on the governor's initiatives, the director's mission and vision for the agency, and the national preparedness goal.

PEMA identified six strategic priorities and two strategic imperatives to frame the agency's approach to mission execution and program implementation. The two strategic imperatives are integral to attaining all six of the agency's priorities.


  • Strategic Priority 1: Be Survivor Focused in Mission and Program Delivery
  • Strategic Priority 2: Foster Adaptation in Order to Respond as Needed with Agility and Flexibility.
  • Strategic Priority 3: Maintain Disaster Readiness through Forward Posturing
  • Strategic Priority 4: Enable Disaster Risk Reduction and Promote Commonwealth-wide Resiliency
  • Strategic Priority 5: Strengthen PEMA's Organizational Foundation
  • Strategic Priority 6: Transition from Legacy to Next Generation Systems for 911


  • Strategic Imperative 1: A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management
  • Strategic Imperative 2: Foster Innovation and Learning