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Mission Request

A mission request (also called a resource request) is a formal request to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for resources to fulfill an unmet capability need from a county or state agency.

The request to the state for resources is made after local, county, mutual aid, and/or private sector resources are exhausted.

Who Can Submit a Mission Request?

Mission requests can only be submitted by authorized county emergency management personnel or commonwealth agency representatives.

Those submitting a mission request must have the authority to encumber funds on behalf of the requesting entity.

How to Submit a Mission Request

Some of our partners are able to submit a mission request through WebEOC. (You must log in to WebEOC to access.)

Pennsylvania counties can fill out this mission request form (PDF). Pennsylvania counties will have the capability to access the form on WebEOC during early 2020.

Check back for more information.

Request Form Addenda

These request form addenda contain important information related to requests, so that we are able to properly respond to mission requests. By completing the addendum information at the time of the request, additional phone calls and delays can be avoided. Consider using these in your county planning processes.

Authorized personnel can fill out these request form addenda:

Mission Request Protocol

A mission request form for a routine or planned event must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days prior to the beginning of the event.

In event of a life-saving or urgent (immediate) request, the the mission request form will be conveyed to the Commonwealth Watch and Warning Center (CWWC) and/or the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center (CRCC) in the most expeditious manner possible. The written request will be forwarded as soon as practical but no later than 30 calendar days after the date of request.

For emergent events or incidents, the mission request form will be submitted to the CWWC/CRCC, then to the appropriate PEMA area office. The area director will approve, reject, or request more information from the requesting agency.

In all cases (routine/planned, life-saving, urgent/immediate, emergent events or incidents), PEMA's Division of Logistics and Resource Management will be copied on all mission requests submitted to the PEMA area offices.

The mission request will be submitted in accordance with the following priorities:

  • Telephonically in life-saving/urgent (immediate) circumstances
  • Electronically/digitally through WebEOC from the county to the CWWC/CRRC
  • Electronically/digitally as a PDF document via email
  • Telephonic transmission via facsimile (fax), telecopying, or telefax.
  • During instances of power outages, via satellite telecommunications, 800 MHz Radio, and ACS capabilities

Important Information to Know

Ensure that the resource requests identify:

  • Capability – What will the resource do?
  • Size – Physical description/actual size.
  • Amount – How many do you need?
  • Location – Physical address or geo-location of where the resources is needed.
  • Type – What is the "Resource Type?" Or provide a description of what it the resource is.
  • Time – How long will you need the resource?