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Internal Operations

​PEMA’s Internal Operations Office, in conjunction with the External Operations Office, supports PEMA’s mission by helping communities and citizens respond to, and in some ways mitigate, the effects of emergencies, including natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other human-caused disasters.

Internal Operations maintains open communication with and supports county emergency management agencies by coordinating and engaging the whole community set of resources including federal, state, volunteer, and private sector partners.


Internal Operations does this in two ways. Day to day, through the Commonwealth Watch and Warning Center (CWWC), PEMA monitors incidents throughout the commonwealth. The CWWC receives and analyzes reports provided by the county and other sources, ready to coordinate regulatory and emergency resources at the request of the county.


When an emergency grows in scope, impact or effects, the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center (CRCC) is activated to bring all appropriate partners together to immediately respond to the needs of the communities.
Both the CWWC and the CRCC build situation awareness, provide analysis, coordinate resources and provide timely alert, warning and notification to enable commonwealth authorities to respond to the needs of our citizens.


A Look at PEMA Situational Awareness