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Pennsylvania Auxiliary Communications Program

The PEMA Auxiliary Communications Services (ACS) is a volunteer-based emergency communications reserve program that has both operational and educational components. ACS offers ongoing and technically diverse training to its members.

Mission Statement

The mission of PEMA ACS is to be a redundant communications resource, ready to enhance or assume emergency communications duties for governmental agencies (county, regional, state, and federal) during times of actual or potential disaster, or when normal communications are either unavailable or are unable to adequately transfer the traffic as needed. 

Become an ACS Volunteer!

Join our team of volunteers with use your skills to help preserve life through Pennsylvania’s ACS!

Basic Requirements

  • ACS Volunteers must have a willingness to serve and be at least 18 years of age.
  • ACS Volunteers are expected to complete the team’s required training program.
  • During the first year of service, ACS Volunteers must have completed FEMA’s online Incident Command System courses ICS 100, ICS 200, IS 700, and IS 800.
  • During the first year of service, ACS Volunteers must obtain an Amateur Radio Operators license (test training is facilitated).
  • Successfully pass a background check.
  • Sign a Volunteer Service Agreement and Code of Ethics.
  • Download, complete, sign, and submit the PEMA ACS volunteer application (PDF) to
  • Register and complete online application at ServPA.

Individual Skills and Specialties

  • All Hazard Communications
  • Amateur Radio License
  • Military Auxiliary Radio System
  • Stenographers (transcribe voice communications)
  • Computer networking specialists
  • Licensed GMRS and/or Amateur Radio communications specialists
  • Other Emerging Technologies

PEMA ACS is a volunteer organization. In most cases, team members easily manage work, life, and PEMA ACS commitments. However, emergencies and disasters PEMA ACS members may be called upon to operate at night, on weekends, during normal business hours, and on holidays.

Before applying to PEMA ACS, please consider your availability and willingness to serve.

PEMA ACS Leadership

  • PEMA ACS Coordinator:   Jack Thomas (KB3IRW)
  • Commonwealth ACS Officer:  Travis Best (W3TMB)
  • Eastern Area ACS Section Chief:  William Bianco (AB3PU)
  • Central Area ACS Section Chief:  Doug Evans (K3DRE)
  • Western Area ACS Section Chief:  Dave Wellman (WX3E)
  • Training & Special Operations Section Chief:  Chris Post (WZ3Q)
  • Technical Specialist (Data Communications):  Dave Kleber (KB3FXI)
  • Technical Specialist (Special Operations):  Joel Landis (AB3MT)

PEMA Call Signs

  • PEMA Headquarters/SEOC:  KB3NIA
  • Central Area Office:  KB3ZTJ
  • Eastern Area Office:  KB3ZTM
  • Western Area Office:  KB3ZTL