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High Hazard Potential Dams Grant

The objective of this program is to reduce or eliminate risk of eligible, high hazard potential dams.

The National Dam Safety Program, run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, protects lives and property from the risks associated with dams.

The Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dams Program makes federal funds available to states for pass-through to non-federal government organizations and nonprofits. The funds are for the rehabilitation of eligible, high-hazard potential dams that don’t meet minimum state dam safety standards, posing unacceptable risk to life and property.

About This Grant

    • For the purpose of the grant program, rehabilitation means the repair, replacement, reconstruction, or removal of a dam that is carried out to meet applicable state dam safety and security standards.
    • Grant duration: 36 months.
    • Applicants must have a High Hazard Potential Dams Program hazard mitigation action in their county's FEMA-approved county hazard mitigation plan.
    • Applicant must have participated in and adopted the county hazard mitigation plan as a special district.[We're working with counties to position municipalities and authorities to meet this condition of the grant.]

What the Grant Does
    • Provides financial assistance for repair, removal, or rehabilitation of eligible, high hazard potential dams.
    • Incorporates risk-informed analysis and decision-making into dam safety practice and rehabilitation investments.
    • Incorporates risk-analysis results and information and consider all dam risk in state, local, tribal, and territorial mitigation planning.
    • Promotes community preparedness by requiring recipients to develop and implement floodplain management plans that address potential measures, practices, and policies to reduce loss of life, injuries, damage to property and facilities, public expenditures, and other adverse effects of flooding.
    • Reduces costs associated with dam rehabilitation through the deployment of innovative solutions and technologies.

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