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​Pennsylvania Spill Reporting Requirements

If you're having a hazardous materials emergency, call 911 now.

Federal and state law requires that the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the State Emergency Planning Committee, and National Response Center be notified immediately following a hazardous materials release above the reportable quantity established by the Environmental Protection Agency's List of Lists.

A follow-up report is also required within 14 days for fixed facilities and within 30 days for transportations related incidents.

Initial Report

An immediate report is required. To satisfy these requirements:

    • Call 911 immediately: Meets Local Emergency Planning Committee notification requirements and initiates emergency response personnel, if required.
    • Call the National Response Center immediately at 1-800-424-8802. 
    • Call the Commonwealth Watch and Warning Center at PEMA headquarters immediately at 717-651-2001. This meets State Emergency Planning Committee notification requirements and initiates other response activities, if required.

If the reportable quantity is unknown, follow the reporting requirements above.

In addition to these reporting requirements, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection might be a required notification. We'll notify them of all spills reported to our Watch and Warning Center.

Initial Spill Report Requirements

When reporting a hazardous materials spill or release that meets the criteria listed above, please include the following in the initial report:

    • Your name, location, organization, and telephone number
    • Name and address of the party responsible for the incident; or name of the carrier or vessel, the railcar/truck number, or other identifying information
    • Date and time of the incident
    • Location of the incident
    • Source and cause of the release or spill
    • Types of material(s) released or spilled
    • Quantity of materials released or spilled
    • Medium (e.g. land, water) affected by release or spill
    • Danger or threat posed by the release or spill
    • Number and types of injuries or fatalities (if any)
    • Weather conditions at the incident location
    • Whether an evacuation has occurred
    • Other agencies notified or about to be notified
    • Any other information that may help emergency personnel respond to the incident

Follow-Up Reporting Requirements

Facilities and Static Locations
(Tier II Facilities)

In Pennsylvania, a follow-up spill report is required within 14 days of the initial release. Section 304 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act requires this report within 30 days, but Pennsylvania’s Act 165 requires this to be done in 14 days.

Submit Follow-Up Report to PEMA

Starting January 1, 2023, all follow-up spill reports must be submitted online. Hard copy or emailed reports will no longer be accepted.  The follow-up report requires updates for all the information required in the initial report.

Transportation Incidents and Related Releases

In addition to submitting a follow-up spill report within 14 days to PEMA, the federal Department of Transportation requires a follow-up report for transportation-related hazardous materials spills and releases, regardless of size, within 30 days of the release.

A DOT 5800-1 Follow-Up Report for transportation related releases must be submitted via the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration online reporting portal within 30 days of the release.

Please note that you will need to create a portal account to submit the 5800-1 form.

Submit Follow-Up Report to PEMA

Submit 5800-1 Report to Dept. of Transportation