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​G0361:  Flood Fight Operations

This course is for emergency managers, public works officials, levee district representatives, and others responsible for planning, preparing, and managing the response to a flood. Using a combination of lectures, discussions, activities, and exercises, the course will take participants through the complete process from well before the flood to clean-up afterwards. Officials from every community at risk of flooding should take this training.

While this training emphasizes how to conduct a flood fight, it provides information to help communities decide if a flood fight is possible and worth the effort and cost. Diagrams with materials lists and equipment and labor requirements to construct various types of temporary flood protection can be used to help determine if there is enough time and resources to protect the community. If the whole community cannot be protected, then officials must decide where to concentrate their efforts to protect some areas and/or evacuate and relocate what they can. If a flood fight is undertaken, it should be done the right way or the effort will be wasted. Instructors should be experienced in flood fighting.

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