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Daily Operations Report

PEMA provides operations reports, so that individuals have access to the most current situation reports, morning reports, and monthly incident summaries.

Daily operations reports are posted every day for the convenience of visitors to the PEMA website. Below you can review the last 30 days of reports that have been posted.

20200329 Daily Report.pdf20200329 Daily ReportNew
20200328 Daily Report.pdf20200328 Daily ReportNew
20200327 Daily Report.pdf20200327 Daily Report
20200325 Daily Report.pdf20200325 Daily Report
20200324 Daily Report.pdf20200324 Daily Report
20200323 Daily Report.pdf20200323 Daily Report
20200322 Daily Report.pdf20200322 Daily Report
20200321 Daily Report.pdf20200321 Daily Report
20200320 Daily Report.pdf20200320 Daily Report
20200319 Daily Report.pdf20200319 Daily Report
20200318 Daily Report.pdf20200318 Daily Report
20200317 Daily Report.pdf20200317 Daily Report
20200316 Daily Report.pdf20200316 Daily Report
20200315 Daily Report.pdf20200315 Daily Report
20200314 Daily Report.pdf20200314 Daily Report
20200313 Daily Report.pdf20200313 Daily Report
20200312 Daily Report.pdf20200312 Daily Report
20200311 Daily Report.pdf20200311 Daily Report
20200310 Daily Report.pdf20200310 Daily Report
20200309 Daily Report.pdf20200309 Daily Report
20200308 Daily Report.pdf20200308 Daily Report
20200307 Daily Report.pdf20200307 Daily Report
20200306 Daily Report.pdf20200306 Daily Report
20200305 Daily Report.pdf20200305 Daily Report
20200304 Daily Report.pdf20200304 Daily Report
20200303 Daily Report.pdf20200303 Daily Report
20200302 Daily Report.pdf20200302 Daily Report
20200301 Daily Report.pdf20200301 Daily Report
20200229 Daily Report.pdf20200229 Daily Report
20200228 Daily Report.pdf20200228 Daily Report