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Daily Operations Report

PEMA provides operations reports, so that individuals have access to the most current situation reports, morning reports, and monthly incident summaries.

Daily operations reports are posted every day for the convenience of visitors to the PEMA website. Below you can review the last 30 days of reports that have been posted.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical changes to the PEMA website, Daily Operations Reports will not be posted as normal from Nov. 7 through Nov. 15. They will be posted online as soon as technical updates are complete. Thank you for your understanding.

20221106 Daily Report.pdf20221106 Daily Report
20221105 Daily Report.pdf20221105 Daily Report
20221104 Daily Report.pdf20221104 Daily Report
20221103 Daily Report.pdf20221103 Daily Report
20221101 Daily Report.pdf20221101 Daily Report
20221031 Daily Report.pdf20221031 Daily Report
20221030 Daily Report.pdf20221030 Daily Report
20221029 Daily Report.pdf20221029 Daily Report
20221028 Daily Report.pdf20221028 Daily Report
20221027 Daily Report.pdf20221027 Daily Report
20221026 Daily Report.pdf20221026 Daily Report
20221025 Daily Report.pdf20221025 Daily Report
20221024 Daily Report.pdf20221024 Daily Report
20221023 Daily Report.pdf20221023 Daily Report
20221022 Daily Report.pdf20221022 Daily Report
20221021 Daily Report.pdf20221021 Daily Report
20221020 Daily Report.pdf20221020 Daily Report
20221019 Daily Report.pdf20221019 Daily Report
20221018 Daily Report.pdf20221018 Daily Report
20221017 Daily Report.pdf20221017 Daily Report
20221016 Daily Report.pdf20221016 Daily Report
20221015 Daily Report.pdf20221015 Daily Report
20221014 Daily Report.pdf20221014 Daily Report
20221013 Daily Report.pdf20221013 Daily Report
20221012 Daily Report.pdf20221012 Daily Report
20221011 Daily Report.pdf20221011 Daily Report
20221010 Daily Report.pdf20221010 Daily Report
20221009 Daily Report.pdf20221009 Daily Report
20221008 Daily Report.pdf20221008 Daily Report
20221007 Daily Report.pdf20221007 Daily Report