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​School and Child Care Safety

PEMA provides an all-hazard school planning toolkit and other resources to schools, day cares, etc.

All-Hazards School Planning Toolkit

The Pennsylvania All-Hazards School Safety Planning Toolkit provides guidelines
for school districts/schools and communities to address all types of crises,
emergencies, and disasters that might impact their campuses. Standard procedures are provided for these situations to assist facilities with a foundation for planning and a framework for response when an event happens.

Explore the sections of PEMA's All-Hazards School Planning Toolkit.

Additional Documents

Child Care/Day Care Facility Toolkit

For More Information

CEM Planner is a central access point for every stakeholder of a plan to view the most current and up-to-date plan for that entity. Access CEM Planner.

Pennsylvania K-12 Threat Assessment Technical Assistance & Training Network

To assist Pennsylvania school entities in fulfilling threat assessment team training requirements and other components of Act 18 related to threat assessment, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), in partnership with Risk and Strategic Management (RSM) Corporation, has developed and recently launched a new Pennsylvania K-12 Threat Assessment Technical Assistance & Training Network.

The network offers comprehensive training, technical assistance, and other support for schools across the commonwealth at no charge.