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Frequently Asked Questions for COVID-19 Recovery

Last updated June 19, 2020

Quick FAQ Links

Survey123 FAQ

If you have not completed Survey 123, where do you locate that to complete?

You should contact your county emergency management agency and request the link through them.

How do we change our primary contact from the one who submitted the Survey123?

Please email what agency, county, and municipality, along with the change of contact to

Originally, we completed the first survey under the impression it was for the initial phase of COVID-19 closures. We have incurred much more costs since then; can we modify the survey or complete again to update our actual expenditures to date?

The incident period is still open so no further updates are required for Survey123. Eligible costs can be captured in the Grants Portal.

We are still incurring extra cost and may through the end of the year.  Are projected costs included?

Costs will be eligible until the incident period is closed.

How will these timelines be impacted by the differing zones in PA?  It is conceivable that the disaster could be over earlier in the first 27 counties than the remaining 40.

The incident period will be the same for the whole state. It is not related to the Governor’s color-coded reopening plans.

If we incur costs from now to September, can we get reimbursement after we submit our original requests? Does that mean we can apply through the portal for additional costs incurred through the September deadline?

Costs will be eligible until the incident period is closed.

Can one submit expenses (in excess of $3,300) now but continue to enter expenses as they are incurred in coming month(s)? Or is it a one-shot submission?

You have the ability to make more than one submission. The first submission must be over $3,300 based on a time period starting January 20, 2020, to a date of your choice (for example May 31, 2020). You can do subsequent submissions for costs incurred from (using the prior example) June 1, 2020, to a date of your choice. You may choose to submit on a regular schedule, such as monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

We are in the processing of purchasing special cleaning equipment not budgeted and would not have been purchased except for the COVID-19. What is the cutoff date for eligible invoices?

Costs will be eligible until the incident period is closed.

When is incident period considered closed and who decides that?

FEMA and the President will determine the final incident period and it will be agreed to by the state.

Is there a final date yet determined on what invoices can be submitted for reimbursement?

Costs will be eligible until the incident period is closed.

When will PNPs receive invites?

We will send out invites to those who participated in the Survey123. If you didn't you will need to submit email request to PNP email invitations to the Grants Portal were sent May 22, 2020. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder.


If I was authorized at a previous meeting for another disaster number can I sign all DAP forms?

No. Forms are disaster specific and some have changed.

The PEMA-DAP-02 form that was sent is different than the sample document sent that allows to you fill in the information of your municipality. It shows PEMA-DAP-2 (Rev. Dec 2016).  Which is the correct form to submit with all our documents to PEMA?

The new DAP-2 can be verified by Page 7 being the Signature Page.

If you sent the DAP 1 Resolution under EM-3441 can we change to DR 4506 and re-submit?

You can add or change it to DR4506 which automatically superseded EM3441.

Can there be more than one point of contact per entity?

Not for the Applicant Agent; however, you can have multiple personnel for the Grants Portal.

What are the date deadlines for mailing DAP-01 and DAP-02 paperwork? Is there a deadline for initial submission through the portal?

Not yet but don't delay establishing a Grants Portal Account and submitting your RPA. There will be no funding until all the DAP-01, -02, and PEPP forms are completed and received by PEMA.

Grants Portal, RPA FAQ

What's the difference between the applicant and the recipient?

You are the applicant. PEMA is the recipient.

Is there a start and end date to submitting an RPA?

Not yet, but don't delay establishing Grants Portal Account and submitting RPA.

If you already have access to FEMA Portal from past AFG grants, must you establish a new portal presence or use your old access?

You already have an account.

Are public schools considered PNP or government?

Neither. In the Grants Portal public schools are listed as “Independent School District”.

Are feeding programs such as food pantries eligible applicants?

If they are connected to or operating as an eligible PNP.

Can a municipality file for their local fire department or must they file separately?

If the Fire Department is paid by the municipality and/or owns the equipment then they can file with the municipality.  If the VFD meets the $3,300 minimum they should file on their own. If the VFD costs are below $3,300, the municipality should cover the eligible protective measure costs and submit those costs to FEMA.

What do you need to do if you want to delegate doing the RPA / Grants portal to someone in your organization?

Use the person you want to be the Primary Contact to register. You can have more than one person in the Portal.

We work across several counties. Should we have one grantee portal set up per county we work in?

No, you will have only one account but will have the ability to add all counties or simply
check a box that is statewide

I did the grant portal. How long does it take to get a username and password?

We are preparing to start approving account requests after the briefings are done.

Do public school districts establish an account on the Grants Portal at They were not listed on the slide.

They can register in Grant Portal and should use “Independent School District” under "Type."

Is there a certain amount you have to be at in order to apply?

$3,300 is the minimum to receive FEMA Public Assistance.

Duplication of Benefits, Other Funding FAQ

Can we apply to the other grants as well?

Yes you can, and we encourage you to file for other grants prior to coming to PEMA/FEMA.

Are we eligible for PEMA funding if we accept CARES Act funds but have exhausted that funding? If we received funding through the Paycheck Protection Program, will we be able to submit administration costs, or is that "double dipping"?

Only those costs not covered by your payment. Applicants are required to disclose the type and amount of other federal grants they received and what those funds were applied to. If an eligible applicant has eligible costs left over after the other federal grants are exhausted those costs can be submitted to FEMA for determination. Applicants are required to ensure that no two federal grants are used for the same the project.

Cleaning FAQ

Would labor for employees who would have been furloughed and were kept to do extra cleaning in our buildings be eligible?

Only the overtime incurred during the cleaning is eligible.

Housing Authorities have received additional funding for COVID-19 related expenses. However, the funds are only to be used for expenses after April 28, 2020. Can we use the FEMA/PEMA funds for costs incurred prior to the effective date of the HUD additional funding? Costs were incurred prior to April 28, 2020 for PPE, cleaning and sanitizing.

Possibly, submit for FEMA for review.

We had to purchase several $4000 cleaning machines to clean our schools, are these eligible?

Possibly, submit for FEMA for review.

Do we have to have a declaration in order to claim cleaning fees?


Recreation facilities are ineligible however; would municipal parks be eligible?  For example:  Purchase of barriers to close off areas, pressure wash equipment when able to utilize equipment again and contracts for additional cleaning efforts of play equipment through the year.

Possibly, submit for FEMA for review. Match cost to a specific emergency protective measure.

Are not-for-profit (member owned) electric cooperatives eligible; in terms of OT member assistance hours and cleaning expenses that otherwise would not have been incurred?

If it is a private non-profit electric coop, then yes, it is eligible.

We prepare and print educational information about appropriate mitigation measures like masks, handwashing, cleaning protocols for employees and residents. Are printing costs like these eligible?


We own a golf course and have some expenses that are created for safety from virus. We have cleaning service cleaning the bathrooms and have an extra employee on staff disinfecting golf carts. Are either of these eligible?


All of the PPE and extra cleaning materials that we, as a private nonprofit, purchased would be covered?

Possibly, depending on applicant eligibility and what the emergency protective measure was.

Is disinfecting all the buses in a district considered a project?


If the drivers were brought back to do cleaning is that considered a reassignment?


Are there cleaning costs that are not eligible?

Possibly, depends on the eligible emergency protective measure.

Can the client make claims for cleaning materials and manpower hours on behalf of a previously established 3rd party contract?

Possibly, submit for FEMA for review with additional details.

If I had a disinfectant applied by an outside service, can I be reimbursed for this?

Yes, submit the cost with the invoice.

We had to make multiple purchases of disinfectants and sanitizers due to limited availability. Is there a minimum purchase amount (per purchase) that can be claimed for reimbursement?

Yes, if under $3,300, group them together to meet the minimum for the first submission.

Disinfectant of public facilities, is it just the supplies that are eligible for reimbursement? Not man hours?

Supplies are eligible depending on what they are. Overtime for regular employees would also be eligible but not regular pay.

Will a disinfecting machine to disinfect vehicles be covered?

Any single equipment item over $5,000 will have a salvage value deduction.

Elections FAQ

Would costs associated disinfecting before and after hosting the Elections at our Municipality be eligible?

If the work was done during the incident period which is ongoing as of now.

Can I hire security and hire cleaning crews for election?

Only if it is directly related to a COVID-19 eligible expense.

Schools FAQ

We are providing meals to our students and transporting via school buses. Are the excess costs not covered under the other funding eligible?

Possibly, submit for FEMA for review.

Does transporting Chromebook, food, and teaching materials to students covered?

No. This would be an operational expense.

From a School District: We distributed about 4,000 Chromebooks to students for virtual learning and we expect about 33% not to come back or come back damaged, will it be reimbursable? Chromebooks came from our classrooms.

Probably, so claim any costs, and we will work with you and FEMA to sort it out.

Who is acceptable for Chief Executive of a school district? Does it need to be the school board? Superintendent?

Either - but it would be the Superintendent if you are not going through a board meeting.

If school districts have costs that go beyond the ESSER grant, can we still apply to PEMA/FEMA for the items that apply specifically to eligible costs?

If you can use other programs that are available for those purposes, use those first.  Applicants are required to disclose the type and amount of other federal grants they received and what those funds were applied to. If an eligible applicant has eligible costs left over after the other federal grants are exhausted those costs can be submitted to FEMA for determination.  Applicants are required to ensure that no two federal grants are used for the same the project.

We provided emergency medical supplies to local providers from school district stocks. May we claim those replenishment costs through PEMA/FEMA?

Donations are not reimbursable, but replenishment of stock can be submitted to FEMA for review.

Can a Municipality apply for funding on behalf of a PNP such as a school, law enforcement, or fire department?

For example, if the Fire Department is paid by the municipality and/or owns the equipment, then they can file with the municipality. If the VFD meets the $3,300 minimum they should file on their own. If the VFD costs are below $3,300, the municipality should cover the eligible protective measure costs and submit those costs to FEMA.

Can I get reimbursed for the purchase of caution tape that we used to close of our playgrounds, fields, and basketball courts on our school grounds?


For school administration employees who have been identified as essential and have been working.  If I understand correctly, those cost are not eligible?

If they were budgeted for, and continued to be paid, a salary, then no.

School districts that needed to have employees work extra hours due to COVID and had to be paid on unbudgeted salaries eligible?

Yes, this is eligible.

Will security services be reimbursable?

Probably. Make sure to include it as costs.

Are additional legal fees incurred through COVID for school districts eligible?


Intermediate Units are not School Districts. We are not getting a directed funding from CARES. Do our expenses still qualify?

Only if they meet FEMA eligibility requirements.

Are school districts eligible for reimbursement?


If a school district has administrators assisting in meal distribution, does that qualify as "extra time"?  Because it is directly related to COVID-19 however it occurs during their regularly scheduled day.


Are meal distribution reimbursement/school feeding program eligible?

Check out USDA – Schools – for meal reimbursement information.

If we had School Security Guards covering additional shifts in order to protect and monitor empty buildings, is the overtime paid out to the employees eligible?

Possibly, if this work was outside their contracted work, submit to FEMA for review.

If school districts printed worksheets for students, does toner and paper count as materials and postage to get those packets out?


Our district donated PPE. Is any of this reimbursable?

No, you cannot get reimbursed for donated PPE. Costs to replace the eligible PPE would be covered under Cat B.

Would cost incurred to extract students studying abroad in COVID-19 hotspots (Italy, China, etc.) be considered?

That should be directed to, and coordinated with, the U.S. Department of State.

Eligible for PPE for faculty, staff, and students in a public school?

Yes, provided it meets eligibility requirements.

When businesses/schools re-open, and PPE is required, is this covered?

For eligible applicants they can submit eligible costs to FEMA for review.

The cost of summer feeding is usually covered by the federal money, but we expect to incur cost to provide summer feeding. Will the cost of summer feeding be eligible for reimbursement?

Possibly, for eligible expenses such as PPE for workers but food costs for that program would not be a eligible expense.

Can we submit supplies that were in our inventory? Masks, gowns, and gloves?

You can submit expenses to replace your eligible PPE.

Can we submit PPE for our Public Safety Department?


Can we submit costs related to temperature screening employees?

PPE and testing equipment would be a reimbursable expense. Reimbursement for eligible applicant workforce account is only applicable to overtime/extra time, but not costs for normally scheduled work hours.

As we continue to stockpile PPE in anticipation of a fall or winter need, if we end up not needing/using the PPE, and continue to stockpile it (not salvage it) for future use, is the cost still recoverable or must the PPE be consumed during the established disaster period?

If you are asking FEMA for reimbursement, the costs could be reduced for salvage value.

For a school, we need to replace soap dispensers to be automatic dispensing and need to install more hand-washing stations, are these eligible?

If they are “reasonable and necessary” costs and meet FEMA eligibility requirements, yes.

We have a before and after care program and food service. They continue to be paid, a lot of lost revenue, is this eligible?

Lost revenue is not an eligible expense. Try the USDA or Treasury websites.

Loss of Revenue is not likely to be added later?

No, this will not be added. Check other Grants.

Are the local private schools part of our grant as sub-grantees? Or do they apply as PNP?

They would be able to apply as a PNP if they meet the criteria.

Equipment FAQ

Where do we find FEMA 2019 equipment rates?

They are on the FEMA website.

Is there an equipment code for cost of vent use?

In the current FEMA Schedule of Equipment Rates 2019, no.

We are using virtual EOC. Will Zooms cost be eligible?


Are expenses for guns and ammo for police department covered expenses?

Submit with justification to FEMA for approval.

Under the "Protective Measures List,” what does Emergency Medical Transport mean?

A vehicle, equipment, and personnel used for patient transport.

Is the shipping of laptops to students eligible?


We purchased laptops and TVs for our EOC and laptops to distribute to the boards and commissions.  All specifically to support Continuity of Government in response to COVID and Act 15.  Are these eligible Cat B Emergency Operations Center costs?

Not under this program.

Would laptops and cell phones purchased in order for employees to work from home be covered?

Typically not, but we have asked FEMA if this counts as a relocation of services. Reach out to us to discuss.

Staff Hours FAQ

If a salaried employee had to work outside normal hours to do disinfecting, can any of the salary be claimed?

Only if there were additional costs based on your pay policy.

Our union contract for custodial and maintenance spelled out that when schools are closed and they have to work, they shall be paid double-time. Is this eligible?

Yes, you will need to furnish your pay policy/contract.

Are school crossing guards’ salaries eligible - if we are paying and they are not working as school is remote?

Those salaries would not be reimbursable. Those costs should be covered under participation in the Paycheck Protection Program – PPP.

School district custodians were required to "stay home." We had to bring three staff members in to deep clean. Are their wages/benefits eligible?

If there were no additional or extra costs, no.

Our CBA indicates when schools are closed employees that report receive time and a half even though the work falls within their 40 hours. Is this extra cost reimbursable?

Yes, if it is covered in your pay policy.

If we staffed a 24-hour EOC with fulltime employees from other departments. Do we include all of the regular and overtime hours or just the overtime hours?

Just overtime.

How would salaried employees be handled for extra time allocated to the COVID response?

That depends on your employee pay contract agreement. Typically, overtime would be covered unless it is exempt as stated in your pay contract.

Are employee wages paid to employees while at home due to shut down a covered expense? If employees were quarantined because of a COVID exposure while on the job, would their salary be covered?

Not under this program.

Who do I contact about getting reimbursed under some of the paycheck programs that are available? We paid our employees to stay home to reduce risk.

The FEMA program does not cover this. The Paycheck Protection Program or CARES Grant may.

Regarding labor/benefits (specifically as it relates to a nonprofit), must w adhere to prevailing wages for PEMA/DB for FEMA?

It will be based on your pay policy. State or federal wages do not apply.

If we staggered shifts to protect employees, and paid public works staff 40 hours per week but they only actually worked 20-30 hours, is the "lost" time reimbursable?


Is comp time eligible?

Yes, as long as it is in your pay policy and only for the overtime.

Are accounts payable and other employee payroll costs reimbursable for keeping COVID expenses separate?

Employee time spent directly related to COVID-19 expenses should be submitted to FEMA for review.

Is time related to employees handing out Chromebooks to students reimbursable?

Overtime, yes. Not for regular pay hours.

Would compensatory education costs after the September deadline be reimbursable?

The September deadline is extended. The costs and how they match with the emergency protective measures would determine eligibility.

Is hazard pay eligible?

It is if it is in your pay policy, or you can provide documentation regarding what authority instituted it and why.

I have cafeteria employees receiving their pay under Act 13, but we are serving meals to the community so we've asked a few employees to come in and work, they are being paid extra, on top of their regular pay, would this qualify?

Possibly, submit to FEMA with rationale.

Due to COVID-19 work load, we had to use our contract employees (per diem) to cover work of our full time employees due to full time employees dedicated to COVID-19 work. Would the per diem work payment be allowed for re-imbursement?

Possibly. You will need to provide more information on work being completed in relation to specific COVID-related emergency protective measures.

Are wages and equipment for newly hired reserve officers hired to cover shifts for officers in quarantine or out sick with virus covered expenses?

Not under this program.

Do the 5% Cat Z management costs include straight time for salaried and hourly employees?

Only for the time spent that is directly COVID-19 related.

Would cost to purchase tests to use on employees be covered?

Available health care insurance and other CARES testing funds should be utilized.

We paid our Public Works their 40 hours/wk but they only worked 16-24 hours on site, off days were considered on call. Can we claim the costs of on call days?

Not under this program.

Legal Fees FAQ

Are legal costs specific to labor relations covered?


Are subcontracting costs (legal, engineering or other professional costs) eligible as labor or qualify in another category?


Other FAQ

Are public notices for virtual meetings eligible for reimbursement?

If the meeting based on emergency protective measures.

Are construction project change orders resulting from a contractor's costs to comply with COVID-19 safety requirements upon resumption of work allowable?


Is it required to submit management costs?

Management costs are to reimburse you for costs that you are being taken away from other duties you would normally be doing.

Would the 5% cover all admin time related to COVID-19? Or only applicable to this funding?

The 5% under Category Z is based on the total amount of eligible work submitted and is yours to cover management/administrative costs.

On the application document requirements, does "list of paid staff" refer to ALL staff or only those working on COVID related tasks?

COVID related paid staff.

How will I know who is going to be my Point of Contact and when will he/she be assigned?

You will get an email through Grants Portal when that assignment has been made.

Is there a sample resolution you can share for the Declaration of Emergency?

Here's a sample resolution.

Would new signage that has to be put in public buildings and playgrounds social distancing and mask be a covered expense?


As a university, our counselors had to take specialized training to allow them to do telehealth are part of the licensing. Are those costs reimbursable?

Not under this program.

Is training an individual in equipment uses covered?

Yes, if it was extra/overtime.

Can the Municipality pay the individual who does the actual application and related time for all COVID-19 related matters for the administrative cost of 5%?


What is the reimbursement start date?

January 20, 2020

Are technology upgrades in order to host virtual meetings for boards eligible for reimbursement? Microsoft teams, upgrading internet connection, telephone system upgrades?


Are the administrative costs part of the $3,300 in expenses or are they calculated separately?

Your Cat Z management costs are calculated separately based on your project costs vs eligible management work.

What is the PEMA deadline to incur costs?

At this time, it is continuing.

What about volunteers?

There is no cost for volunteers. If management does eligible Cat Z work, track and submit that work.

Are YMCAs eligible?    


Are recreational facilities eligible?

Possibly. What were they doing and why were they doing it? There are specific criteria regarding emergency protective measures as they relate to COVID in order to be eligible.

I am my own private practice for mental health, am I eligible?

Not under this program.

What is eligible Emergency Operation Center costs?

The overtime labor costs and any other eligible operational costs.

Is the added expense for personnel to process the election mail in ballots due to the COVID-19 allowable under the Category B, or is there other funding?

No. It would be an increased cost of doing business. The PA Department of State may have funds available for ballot services.

Is there funding to cover the expense of workers that our identified as high risk and not able or wanting to return to work because of the exposure risk?

Look into the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) from the SBA.

Can eligible training include the numerous webinar's our City staff have watched regarding COVID related issues?


We are one of multiple independent volunteer fire companies within a township and a 501c3.  Should we be submitting our costs independently or thru the municipality?

Independently if you have over the $3,300.

Would training through other organizations be covered?

Possibly, describe the connection to emergency protective measures.

Can two related organizations combine expenses to meet the $3,300 minimum?

No, unless they are connected to the same non-profit.

Are townships eligible for PPP?

You are eligible.

Are repair fees for equipment brought back into service eligible (e.g. spare refrigeration that needed repair before it could be brought back online to store emergency food)?

Yes, if its use was specifically for COVID-19 purposes.

Do we need to file a PEPP form if we've been paid in the past?

Yes, a new form is required for each disaster.

When will the Health Care Webinar be held?


Does the fiscal year matter?


Does a cost of a refrigerated trailer for a temporary morgue covered by the grant?

That depends on your organization and if funds are available for those types of costs from
another federal source.

Would the purchase of equipment by the municipality to be able to work remotely eligible?

Possibly under Management costs, which as you are aware are 5% of the total eligible costs

Please clarify the acronym PNP.

Private Non-Profit with a IRS Determination letter as exempt under sections 501 (c), (d), or (e).

Where should I get information about procurement requirements for PNPs?

Look at 2CFR200

Is lack of building permit and zoning income be reimbursed?

No, that is a loss of income. You may want to check with DCED for Economic Injury Loss.

Is there a simple document that describes the procurement thresholds for PNPs?

Follow your normal procurement rules.

If a Borough Manager needs to work from home to continue with normal business efforts, is the purchase of equipment such as a computer?

A computer could be covered under Cat Z only.

Do eligible costs for a county-owned nursing homes come under the County's grant?

Yes, the nursing home costs are included in the county’s.

What category would senior centers (registered nonprofit) who provide food distribution fall?

Cat B.

We had to have an outside service come in and haul sludge from our Wastewater Treatment plant because we could not run our centrifuge because of separating our licensed operators and staff shortage. Is that eligible?


Is a letter of denial from insurance provider in lieu of insurance policy acceptable?


What is a good source of federal, state, and local procurement laws?

Your solicitor.

Are COVID-19  testing site costs reimbursable?

Other CARE Grants cover these, FEMA may.

What documentation would you expect for temporary employee labor, outside of timesheets?

Payroll policy.

What about volunteer fire company paying to staff the fire station 24-7?

No, this would be an increased operating cost.

Can we be reimbursed for our solicitor fees for all the extra work associated specifically for COVID-19?

Yes, but it may be covered under management costs.

If my township is still holding meetings, and did pass a resolution, can the township EMC be the AA?


Can we be reimbursed for meeting costs associated with virtual meetings?

Depends on what the meetings were related to. If they were COVID-19 related they can be submitted with documentation for review by FEMA.

Do we need to complete the PEPP form or can we have a check sent to us?

No. A completed the PEPP form is required.

If we received ESSR funding under Act 13, are we eligible for PEMA funding?

Only for eligible costs that did not receive other Grant funding.

At what point do we request reimbursement since the costs are ongoing? 

Your first cost submission must be over the $3,300 threshold and for eligible costs after the Declaration date of January 20, 2020. After that first submission, you can add to your project at the duration that makes sense to you, for example quarterly until the end of the incident period.

How long will the registration process take after submission?

We are working through the registration reviews as quickly as possible. You will get an email with your user name and temporary password when that is completed.

The costs begin after the declaration date of March 30, right?

The incident period start date is January 20, 2020.

How/when will we know who our PEMA contact is and what their contact information is?

You will receive and email through Grants Portal.

Any estimate of typical number of hours required to go through this process?

Nothing is “typical” yet. This is a new process for Grants Portal.

Can federal CARES act funds (i.e., the Coronavirus Relief Fund) be used for the 15% match?

It is a 75% FEMA and 25% Subrecipient (you) cost share and the commonwealth is covering the non-federal share at this time.

Could you elaborate on what is a "project" is vs other costs?   

“Other costs” as in Management costs are the direct and indirect administrative cost associated with conducting your projects. Project costs are the eligible Labor, Equipment, Contracts, Materials, and Rentals. A “project” is what all this gets bundled into relating to a specific disaster event such as COVID-19.

Can municipalities include their volunteer fire company and EMS in their submission or should those organizations submit their own?

If the municipality owns the equipment yes, if the fire company owns the equipment they will need to submit a RPA and required PNP documentation.

Are costs reimbursed 100% or less?

Eligible costs are reimbursed at 100% (75% from FEMA, 25% from PEMA).

Do the volunteer fire companies need to submit their information separate from the borough?

If they are an eligible PNP, yes they need a separate submission.

Would wages for extra police details (not OT) be reimbursable?

Yes, if this was extra time that was not previously scheduled, it would be.

How does a split paid fire/volunteer fire company submit for reimbursement? On their own or through the municipality?

If they are being paid by the municipality, they can submit with the municipality for eligible costs.

Can borough combine costs with water and sewer authority (water and sewer authority are regional)?

If they are departments of the borough they can combine. If they are separate authorities, then they file separately.

We are adding extra security measures to our municipal building to be able to use it as our EOC would those costs be eligible?

If they are emergency protective measures and meet FEMA eligibility they would be.

Will this grant cover purchases that were purchased prior to January and used for this?

If you used items you had on-hand and had to replenish stock, yes.

Will copies of building leases be required for the areas we rent?


If we have extra construction costs directly related to COVID-19 eligible?

If the contractor started and then demobilized and wants to do a change order to re-mobilize, it is on them and their insurance.

We had to quarantine police officers for two nights in a hotel while we waited for a deceased gentleman to get tested. Is that something that could be covered?


Are costs for communications/mailings to residents where the topic is local measures such as closing parks and local resources eligible?

Yes, if they are COVID-19 related.

We had to put a sidewalk in for direct public access to our conference room. Previously the public had to walk through the building to enter the conference room. Can we be reimbursed for the materials?    

Possibly, if it was as a direct result of, and required due to, the disaster