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​911 Program Surcharge and Remittance

Pennsylvania 911 Surcharge

In Pennsylvania, according to Title 35: Chapter 53, each subscriber or consumer pays a surcharge of $1.65 for each 911 communications service or prepaid wireless device for which that subscriber or consumer is billed by a provider or seller.

Except for prepaid wireless service, providers are to assess and collect the surcharge monthly from each subscriber for each 911 communications service, and forward the collection quarterly, less the actual uncollectible, to the commonwealth. For multi-line telephone systems, the legislation provides a reduced surcharge rate on a sliding scale based on the number of lines.

For prepaid wireless service, the surcharge is to be collected by the seller from the consumer for each 911 communications service per each retail transaction.

Administrative Costs

Except for prepaid wireless service, providers may retain up to 1 percent of the revenue collected for administrative costs.

Sellers of prepaid wireless service may retain 1.5 percent of the amount collected for administrative costs.

Remittance Procedures

1.  Providers should complete and submit the Uniform 911 Surcharge Remittance Report (XLSX) to PEMA via email to

The Uniform 911 Surcharge Remittance Report is due no later than the 13th day of the month immediately following the end of a calendar quarter.

Please refer to the Uniform 911 Remittance Procedures (PDF) for instructions on how to complete the report.

2.  Providers shall remit to the state the entire surcharge, less the actual uncollectible and less the approved administrative fee, on a quarterly basis.

The quarterly payment is due to the commonwealth within 15 days of the end of each calendar quarter. Providers are encouraged to remit 911 surcharge revenue by ACH.

Remittance Period​​Report Due Date​Payment Due Date
Quarter 1 ​– January, February, March​April 13​April 15
​Quarter 2 – April, May, June​July 13​July 15
​Quarter 3 – July, August, September​October 13​October 15
​Quarter 4 – October, November, December​January 13​January 15