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PEMA Directive 2018-01 Planning Directive (Preparation, Review and Update of County and Municipal Emergency Operations Plans)

PEMA Directive 2017-03 Commonwealth Damage Reporter

PEMA Directive 2017-02 Emergency Management Certification and Training Requirements 

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Management Directive 325.12 - (To report fraud, waste and abuse within state government OR welfare fraud)

PEMA Directive 2016-1 National Incident Management System

PEMA Directive 2014-3 National Incident Management System

PEMA Directive 2014-02 Hazardous Materials Response Team State Certification Criteria

PEMA Directive 2014-01 Radiological Preparedness Program

PEMA Directive 2011-02 Emergency Management Certification and Training Requirements

PEMA Directive 2011-01 HSGP Subrecipient Reporting

PEMA Directive 2010-01 Auxiliary Communications Services Program

PEMA Directive 2009-02 Requirements for the preparation of the Annual County Report on Hazmat Emergency Response Preparedness

PEMA Directive 2008-01 Movement of authorized personnel on Commonwealth highways during a disaster

PEMA Directive 2006-01 Official enrollment of state emergency management volunteers

PEMA Directive 2005-02 Pa. Radiological Assistance Program (PARAP) and code of professionalism

PEMA Directive 2005-01 Testing program and protocol for State Emergency Voice Alerting Network (SEVAN)

PEMA Directive 2003-02 Pennsylvania Emergency Incident Reporting System (PEIRS)

PEMA Directive 2003-08 Regional decontamination strike teams

PEMA Directive 2003-07  Regional task force incident support teams

PEMA Directive 2002-04 Emergency equipment materials and supplies

PEMA Directive 2001-02 Preparation, review and maintenance of Sara Title III off-site response plans

PEMA Directive 2000-05 Act 1990-165 Facility and Vehicle Inspections

PEMA Directive 2000-03 Compensation for accidental injury

PEMA Directive 2000-01 Official enrollment of emergency management volunteers

PEMA Directive 1995-02 Instructor classification system and code of professionalism

PEMA Directive 1991-04 Guidelines for the operation of fire service certification advisory committee

PEMA Directive 1991-03 Firefighters Memorial Flag