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​G0386:  Mass Fatalities Incident Response Course

This course prepares state and local response personnel and other responsible agencies and professionals to handle mass fatalities effectively and to work with the survivors in an emergency or disaster.

This course covers incident management; mass fatalities; planning before and operations during an incident; establishing the morgue; family assistance support operations; and assistance from the Federal government. The course concludes with a tabletop exercise.

Participants will learn to identify the characteristics of a mass fatality incident and identify the roles and responsibilities of key personnel in the incident. In addition, the instructor will describe the steps required to respond to a mass fatalities incident, including catastrophic numbers of fatalities and contaminated remains, and help participants determine their jurisdiction’s preparedness for a mass fatalities event.

The target audience for this course is local responders who may have responsibility for the recovery, handling, identification, and return of remains following a mass fatalities incident.

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G0386 Student Manual

G0386 Student Manual (PDF)

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